What is the least popular color in the world?

While it is true that there are disgusting substances that are found in colors such as yellow, green, brown, beige, etc., it does not mean that people automatically relate these colors to unpleasant things. Most people relate these colors to more pleasant substances (objects, intangible things, ideas, feelings, etc.) such as sunshine, fruit, happiness, flowers (yellow), grass, trees, nature, jewels (green), chocolate, animals, Earth(soil), and wood/trees (brown). These are just some common examples of what first comes to mind in many people; it differs among all individuals due to personal preference, but in general, most people do not think of unpleasant things immediately when thinking of or seeing certain colors.

It is nearly impossible to answer this question, however, because there is no definite way to know what the least popular color is, unless you were to ask every single person what their favorite is, then placing them in order from most popular (the color liked by the most people) to least popular (the color liked by the least people). Although surveys have been taken, they only represent a small number of people, not the entire population of Earth, if that is what the question is referring to- "the least popular color in the world". So there is no way currently to determine the true least popular color.

Also, because many people change their favorite color over their lifetime, the least popular color can change constantly.


Further information:

Actually, according to the link below, the least favorite colors by gender and age group appear to be equally divided into Grey and white (2%), closely followed by yellow and brown (3%). These figures change according to age group, for example, yellow is much more popular in the 35 - 50 age group.

orange is the least popular colour in the world