What is the legal age for a minor to move out without their parents' consent in Texas and must they already have graduated from high school?

You're old enough to move out now. If you feel the need for independence then move out because of that and not because you may not get along with one of your parents (or both.) Remember, they raised you for all those years and although you may not always see eye-to-eye (most teens don't agree with their parents and vice-versa) don't leave your parents on a bitter note because hurtful things that can come out of your mouth can be regrets later in life and you may never get the chance to say "I'm sorry." Remember, anyone's life can be snatched away from them at any given time and this includes your parents. When we realize after the anger has subsided that the whole thing we were arguing about wasn't really worth it in the first place then the loss of someone you love will haunt you in the future. Everyone goes through bouts in their lives when they don't agree with parents, kids, family members or friends. We can all act like asses at times, but what counts is thinking about what has transpired with that person and be big enough to try and work things out with them. If there is mental or physical abuse involved then of course you have to move on, but short of that and murder, there is no reason bad feelings should be there between parents and their children. Sit down with your parents and tell them you appreciate everything they have done for you, but you are leaving because you want to test your independence. Don't leave because you feel the house rules are too strict or they don't want you to see a certain man or woman. Leave because you want to leave to investigate life. Always tell them you will come home to visit or call them once a month just so they know you are OK because they love you no matter what your faults are and realize more than anything you are growing up too fast before their very eyes. This is a difficult time for parents because they will miss you a great deal, yet you have your whole life ahead of you. If you are as mature as you think you are then have that talk with your parents and leave on the best terms you can and not with bitterness in your heart. Good luck Marcy