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What is the legal age for children to be left alone in CA?


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September 14, 2011 10:42AM

I believe each state and case is individual.I say when they are old enough to babysit,you can go to the American red cross' website for more info,someone actually gave me a hard time because I left my daughter overnight at age 13.Their guidelines say at, because they offer a training course in babysitting, crap,I cannot find it for some reason,but as soon as they can take care of themselves on their own and perform simple tasks such as microwaving a meal,knowing when to call 911 and stuff like that,and not opening the door for strangers.I would say each kid has their own level of maturity,some teens go nuts and buckwild and order pizzas and do all sorts of stuff even at age 16 through 21,so I would say it is between you and your child.I have ran a daycare and have a daughter og my own as well as cared overnight for many kids and babysat at age 10,so I would say if you feel confident and the child always has a # to reach you at and/or a nieghbor to go to if their is a question wonce you leave them alone,then they are ready.

The above information is actually incorrect. It doesn't matter the judged maturity level of a child, from state to state the age will vary as to how old a minor/child can be before legally left alone overnight. However, most states mandate that a minor (any child under the age of 18) cannot be left alone over night. A legal adult must be present, in the home or residence where child is residing during that time. This age limit is not to be confused with child labor laws which allow minors to work at age 14 through 18. Children left alone after school must also be of a certain age or child care services must be sought for the care of that child by the legal guardian or parent. This age will vary from state to state and even county to county.