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When you're old enough to move out and pay for your own upkeep, you get to do all of those things. Until then, you have to obey your parents. * The legal age of majority in all but one state is 18, in Nebraska it is 19. Once the minor reaches the age of majority he or she is not longer under the custodial control of the parents. This also means that parents can request the "legal adult" to move from the family home and live independently as best they can. Regardless of age, a child living in a home belonging to their parents should be obligated to follow the established rules of the household. FYI, no one is allowed to "go where they what they want" and in some cases "say what they want". There are established laws governing society and protecting the rights of the people, and all persons must abide by those laws.

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Q: What is the legal age in your home to do what you want to do or go where you want to go or say what you want to say?
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What is the legal age to say what parent you want to live with in WA?


What is the legal age in California for a child to decide that they don't want to visit their father?

When they can say it.

What is the legal age to leave parents home?

Depends where you live. Most countries say 18.

What is the legal age for teenagers with siblings to stay home alone overnight?

whenever the parents say

What is the legal age kids can stay home alone in California?

There is no legal age specified in California. Most authorities will say a 12 or 13 year old can be safely left at home for a couple of hours during the day.

What is the legal age that a minor child can say they don't want to visit the other parent?

Age 18 see link below

What is the legal age a child can be left home alone in the District of Columbia?

Most places say its not about age its about maturity. However most places say a child can stay on there own for no longer than 6 hours at a time from the age of 12. And then at the age of 14 you its legal to stay at home alone for up to 12 hours then 16 is no length of time.

What is the legal age a child can leave home and not be considered a runaway Maryland?

i would say 18 years old.

What is the legal age to begin babysitting?

Answer I can't say for the States, but in Canada the legal age is 14

What is the legal age for a child to stay home alone in New York?

There are no laws that say how old a child should be to stay at home alone in New York. The recommended age is 13 to 18.

What is the Oktoberfest legal age for drinking?

I can't say for sure but I believe at the age of 16 is the legal age for drinking beer and wine.

If a child is seventeen can they legally leave home if their parents say no?

No, not legally. The minimum legal age of majority for any state is 18.

Can you say no to a legal separation?

you can say no if you want, however, it will still be granted whether you want it or not.

What does the law say about leaving children home alone in England?

There is no legal age limit in the UK, it is left up to the parents discretion. However they can be prosecuted for leaving a child home alone for an extended amount of time in detrimental conditions. For babysitting you just have to be over the legal employment age.

What is the legal age for buying cigarettes in Europe?

i say 14 i say 14

Is there a legal age to babysit in Washington?

Most people say 11 years of age.

Can a father with joint legal custody say he does not want his children around the paramour?

As the father has joint legal custody of the child he can not say he does not want the child at the paramour.

What is the legal age to drive a dirt bike?

When your parents say you can.

What is the legal drinking age in Serbia?

They don't really have a legal age in Serbia but I am going to take a guess and say 16 years old.

What is the legal age to leave a child alone in UK?

According to the law does not say, it does give you a list of things to consider when leaving a child at home. for example, age, maturity level, and capability.

What is the legal age a child can babysit another child alone?

Technically the legal age might be 13 but some say that it is 14. But the age does matter but not in all cases. Like one responsibility with the child. Like how they take care of them. And the second are they dependable. Most people like parents want to make sure there kids are going to be safe with the care of the babysitter. So really I would say that the legal age would be 13. As long as you are responsible and dependable.

Legal age to leave children home alone whilst on holiday UK?

I Would Say At Least 16 (Just Incase Anything Goes Wrong)

What is the legal age to rent a hotel in fl?

I would say 18

What is the legal age to run a pizza oven?

i would say about 21

In Missouri if you are a female and are 17 can you move out without your parents consent?

The legal age of consent in Missouri is 17 - so I would say you can move out whenever you want to.