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Anybody can have a dirtbike. There is no law. But where you ride it can effect the law.

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Q: What is the legal age requirement to operate a dirt bike in Pennsylvania?
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What is the legal age requirement to ride a dirt bike in Canada?

The legal age is 4.

What dirt bike cc classes are already street legal in Pennsylvania?


What is the legal age to operate a mini bike in MN?

There really isn't a age limit.... But you SHOULD have a bike license to make it safer... And Only drive on legal places... :)

Is it legal to ride a bike with no front brake?

The rules are not the same everywhere. Where I'm at, the legal requirement is to have a brake separate from the drive system.

What type of license is needed to operate a street legal quad bike?

a simple full car licence is required

Is it legal to ride a pocket bike on the sidewalk in the state of California?

It is legal to operate pocket bikes in the state of California. The only state that it is illegal to operate pocket bikes is the state of Florida. If the pocket bike is under 100cc ,it is okay. Pocket bikes are not considered motor vehicles in the state of California.

Is it legal to ride a pocket bike on a gravel private lane in Pennsylvania?

Well considering that its a private road than yes it is 100% legal as long as you have permission from the legal owners of the road

What is the legal age requirement to operate a dirt bike in North Carolina?

Dirt bikes can be a fun way to get around when you have a lot of ground outdoors. However, they are dangerous. Therefore it is important to have a minimum age for riders to ensure safety and understanding. In North Carolina the age is 16.

Is it legal for a 12 year old to drive a 49cc gas mini bike in nova scotia?

Not on any public roads. To operate a motorized vehicle on public roads in Nova Scotia, you must have a valid drivers license, and the minimum age requirement for that is 16 years.

Is it legal to ride a pocket bike on the sidewalk in Columbus Ohio?

No. Anything that is not human powered, or in other words has a motor, is illegal to operate upon a sidewalk.

How old do you have to be to drive a bike?

In every state that I know of, the same as t drive a car, if you are referring to a street legal motorcycle. If you are talking about a bicycle, there is no age requirement.

Can you ride a bike without a helmet?

Can - sure. But it will increase the risk of head injuries a little, and in some places wearing a helmet while riding is a legal requirement.

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