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My sister is 18 she had a tattoo done. I have 2 tattoo's and i am 19!
what is the legal age for a tatoo with perental permission?

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You have to be 18 or over to get a tattoo.

Legal Age for TattooYou have to be 18 to get one without parental consent. Legal age for Tattoo WITH parental consent.It varies state to state.

there is not a legal age to get a tattoo but need parental consent if you are a minor

In burlington vermont you can go and get a tattoo at any age

In the UK the legal age for piercings and tattoos is normally 16+

The legal driving age in the UK is 17.

In the UK the legal gambling age is 18

It depends on where you live but most states you have to be 18. google your state legal tattoo age and theres a website with all the age limits.

IMHO, there are no pros to getting a tattoo.

I'm 15 (one week from 16), when I'm going to France this spring. Is the legal age 16? Or does any of you know about any tattoo shop/artist who will tattoo me?

The age of majority, which is 18. A properly run tattoo parlor will not do a tattoo without proof of age and/or parental consent.

18, but with parental consent you can get it at any age.

in soviet russia there is no age limit

the legal age is 18 when you are officialy and adult, but you are also legally allowed to get a tattoo when you are 16 if you have you parent or guardian with you and able to sign for you. you can get a tattoo at what ever age you want, if you have a parent or guardian with you, my friend got hers when she was 13-14

No, the legal age to get a tattoo is 18 in any state, with or without parental consent.

I'm pretty sure its eighteen.

The Legal age to get a tattoo without parental consent in most all US states is 18. When you are no longer considered a minor in your state, you can legal get tattooed.

You can begin driving in the UK at the age of 17.

The age of consent in the UK is 16 years.

i believe the age should be 12 or older.

As far as my research has shown me, it is not legal to tattoo a minor with or without parental consent. As far as my research has shown me, it is not legal to tattoo a minor with or without parental consent.

The legal age for tattooing in Texas is eighteen years old. Minors may only obtain a tattoo with parental permission if the parent believes it is in the minor's best interest to cover another tattoo that is offensive.

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