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What is the legal procedure to give up one's paternal rights to his own child?


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July 18, 2006 3:52AM

A petition is made to the family court and a hearing is held. Parent(s) can relinquish their rights so the child can be adopted or made a ward of the state. But unless the child is adopted the parent(s) will not be relieved of their financial obligation. Even if the child is in foster care, the state has enforcable laws to make the parent(s) pay child support. What if both the parents agree to the father giving up his rights. They were never married and his has not ever given anything monetary or even seen the child personally for 5 years. The mother has been raising the child herself. A form was written up by both parents and notarized for the father to give up his rights. What would be the next step to make this complete and is this possible since the mother does not seek any child support from him for the raising of the child.