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50 cc , or above . u gotta get it licensed too.


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You are allowed to ride any size you wish as long as it's street legal. IF your under 16 then you are limited to 250cc motor.

According to the California Motorcycle Handbook a "motor-driven" cycle is a motorcycle with an engine displacement less than 150cc. Motor-driven cycles cannot be operated on a freeway. Motorcycles above the 150cc size are motorcycles as opposed to "motor-driven cycles" and can be operated on CA freeways.

In the state of California a "motorcycle" has a seat or saddle for the rider, and is designed to travel on not more than three wheels. A "motor-driven cycle" is a motorcycle with a 149cc or less engine size. Note: you may not operate a motor-driven cycle on the freeway. It is not advised to take anything less than a 250cc motorcycle on the freeway, even that could be dangerous. Besides a California Motorcycle License, Current Registration & License Plate, and of course Insurance; at minimum, your street-legal motorcycle must have:Tires with sufficient tread for safe operation.Headlight, taillight, brake light, and turn signals.Front and rear brakes.A horn and two mirrors.Hopefully you find this answer to be helpfull.

If you are over 18, then any bike size is legal with a learners. if you are 17, a 125 is the largest capacity.

Yes, that is a good size bike to learn on. If the bike is street legal you will need a motorcycle license.

scooters are legal in arizona, some cities require a motorcycle endorsement to ride any scooter regardless of size. and some of them only require an endorsement for scooters over 49 cc

It is legaly required for road use. However there are no size specifications. It is also not a requirement for an MOT.

varies based on the type of motorcycle and the engine size

You can browse motorcycle tires by riding style, tire size or brand. Choose from top motorcycle tire brands like Dunlop Motorcycle Tires, Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires, Pirelli Motorcycle Tires, Metzeler Motorcycle Tires and many others.

You need to have a basic training licence and be aged over 16 to drive a motor scooter in California. The scooter must also not exceed 125cc in engine size.

None Unless you find a 49cc or smaller motorcycle. 50cc and up requires a motorcycle endorsement in most, if not all, states.

Engine size has nothing to do with the definition of a motorcycle. If it has 2 wheels, powered by an engine and has no pedals it's a motorcycle.

Your VIN is to a 2005 600cc, FZ6- Super Sport, Street Motorcycle.

Standard 6 volt motorcycle battery aabout $50 to $100

You can tell the size of a Kawasaki motorcycle engine by reading the owner's manual that came with the bike. Sometimes, the size of the motor is written on the bike in cubic centimeters.

If you operate any two wheel motorcycle with an engine size greater than 50 cc, a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license or a motorcycle-only license is required.

The size of California is 158,693 square miles (412,602 square kilometers)

roughly the size of Northern California

For a scooter to be "freeway" legal in California it has to have an engine size of 150cc or larger. However, no scooter can be registered in California unless it is C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) approved. Finding a CARB approved scooter is still difficult at this time. Not all cheap Chinese scooters are California legal. A few have been approved, check with your dealer (even some dealers in California are selling scooters that can't be registered in California!). You could always go with the established brands like Honda or Yamaha, but the cost is more than a no-name brand.

Any size motorcycle engine, can be operated on the highway in the state of Ohio. The motorcycle must meet certain requirements such as; turn signals and taillights.

Helmet Shop is the best place to go for any size helmet to wear on a motorcycle. The shop is sure to have a size that will be suitable for a child who is riding.

I live in California and have a Honda CT70 Mini Trail which is a street legal, 70cc bike.I had the same question.I pulled this definition straight from the CA DMV website:A Motor Driven Cycle has 149CC or less engine size. CVC Sec. 405A Motor Driven Cycle has to be registered and driver must have a Motor cycle license (M1).A Motorcycle is anything over 150cc and requires an M1, too.A Moped or Motorized bicycle has pedals and only requires an M2.So, in answer to your question, if your bike is 50cc, is street legal and has no pedals you will need an M1 license.If it is 50cc and has pedals, then I think you're good to go with an M2.Here is the link to the CA DMV page with this infor:

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