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What is the legend of tintern abbey?


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A group of young men went to the Abbey to see if they could discover some antiquities but instead of that, they found two human skeletons and decided to celebrate their discovery by having an evening feast on the remains of the floor of that ancient monastery. But, the spectral figure of a mailed knight appeared from the rain and mist. His purpose was to restore sobriety and instill fear and respect in that group of young men. Another legend concerns the rock outcrop in the wooded hills on the English side of the Wye known as the Devil's Pulpit. According to the legend, the local coven of witches used to meet in the clearing beside the Pulpit, where they would dance around et cetera round a roaring fire while their master looked on from his seat. This continued until the abbey was built in Tintern, in the valley on the Welsh side of the river. The abbey church was not built in the traditional aligment, with the altar at the East, but with the altar lined up with the Devil's Pulpit. When this was completed, the witches were turned to stone and their fire became the old gnarled tree which grows in the middle of the rocky clearing. Whether this one's genuine or not, it gives a good excuse to get younger children to look round the abbey, walk up to the Pulpit and generally work off some energy while less energetic members of the group visit the shops and pub in Tintern. There's a signposted path, and it's about a mile and a half walk from the village. Just keep an eye on them if they want to get onto the Pulpit itself, although it's not too tricky. (I notice this was asked under the category "Family Travel", so I'm including these comments.)


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Tintern Abbey was created in 1131.

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There is one place where one could find Tintern Abbey. One could find Tintern Abbey in Wales in the city of Monmouthshire. Tintern Abbey was built in the year 1131.

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