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i don't actually know well tbh do you expect me to because i don't really tend to go to France with a tape measure and walk across France with it!!! just to measure out the length of Francethe reason i asked this question was for my geography homework but i can find out other things on France other than that!

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What is the total length of railway tracks in France?

France has 29,901 kilometres of railway.

What is the longist river in France?

The Loire - a length of 1,013 kilometres

What are two of the longest rivers in France?

The Loire River is the longest in France, with a length of 630 miles (1,013 kilometer) and spanning a big chunk of France from the Alps north to Orleans, and then cutting west to the Atlantic Ocean. The Seine is the second longest river in France with a length of 482 (776 km).

What did la salle claim land for on the length of the Mississippi river?


How high is the Eiffel tower of France and how many playground length is this?


What is the length and width of France?

The country of France is 572 miles wide and 595 miles long. France has 22 regions and covers a total of 248,427 square miles.

What is used in determining original meter length?

The length of a meter was originally determined with a metal reference, keep to this day in Paris, France.

Does La France have coasts?

France has coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, on the English Channel, and on the Mediterranean Sea for mainland France. The country is ranked 13th by the length of its coastlines (12,841 km)

What is the length of Frances coastline?

Total: 4,668 km Metropolitan France: 3,427 km

What is France's length in miles?

France is about 1000 km long at most. This is about 620 miles.

How long is a drive from France to Spain?

France and Spain share a boarder. The longest drive that would fit your question is twice the length of the car being driven.

What year was the metric system began?

In 1793, France adopted as its official unit of length a metre.

What French rivers start with the letter D?

The Dordogne River is in France. Its length is 300 miles.

How many meters does it take to get to France?

Firstly, metres are a measure of length, so it would not 'take' a certain number of metres to get to France. Assuming you are asking what the distance is between your location and France, it would depend on where you are located.

What is the name or the longest river in France?

The Loire River is the longest in France, with a length of 630 miles (1,013 kilometer) and spanning a big chunk of France from the Alps north to Orleans, and then cutting west to the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the length of the river Loire in km?

1013 km i do believe. It either is the longest river in France, or it once was.

What is a quick Hetalia cosplay you can throw together if you have medium length blonde hair and blue eyes?


Who invented the meter of length?

Meter as a unit of length was not invented but introduced in accordance with international convention, in 1875. The idea of introducing the metric system originated in France in the 18th century.

What mountains extend the length of France?

The Alps is a very long mountain range starting from the Mediterranean sea, up the border between France and Italy, through Switzerland, and in Austria.

What river flows through france?

The Rhone River flows through France. It also flows through Switzerland. It is 505 miles in length, and covers an area of 38,687 square miles.

How often do french presidential elections occur?

The length of the president's term in France was lowered from seven to five years in 2000. Presidential elections occur in France every five years.

When was the first braille book written?

Since the founder of Braille was from France, the first full-length book in braille was "A Brief History of France," published in 1837 by the Institute for Blind Youth.

How long is the drive from Barcelona Spain to Nice France?

The drive is 411 miles, or just over 6 hours length.

When was the first metric ruler made?

In 1793, France adopted a meter as its official unit of length. From that time on we had metric rulers.

What was Hemingway's first published full-length novel the inspiration for which came from his friendships in France?

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