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What is the length of a basketball court in Junior High?


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The length of a Junior High Basketball court is 74 feet long .


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A college basketball court is usually 84 feet long. This is also the usual length of a high school court as well. A pro court is 94 feet in length.

The dimensions of a high school gym's basketball court are 84 ft by 50 ft.A Junior High School's basketball court is 74 ft. by 50 ft.NBA basketball courts are each 94 ft. by 50 ft.a high school b ball court is 80' long and 50' wide

Length Of CourtHigh school Basketball Court = 2560.3 cmCollege Basketball Court = 2560.3 cmNBA Basketball Court = 2865.1 cmWidth of CourtAll = 1524 cm

its ten feet just like any other junior/high school gane of basketball

NBA/NCAA - regulation basketball court (94 x 50 feet) = 436.644288 square meters High School basketball court (84 x 50 feet) = 390.192768 square meters Junior High School basketball court (74 x 42 feet) = 288.74264832 square meters

An NBA court is 94' long by 50' wide. A high school court is 84' long by 50' wide, and a junior high court is 74' long by 46' wide.

A standard High School court is 84' long x 50' wide Junior High is 74' L x 42'W

I play on a junior high basketball team. And its 10FT. same with middle school, (which includes 6th grade)

25.603m. The court is a High School court. 84' by 50' (25.603m by 16.497m). Thanks.

It might not be mandatory to wear an athletic supporter in junior high basketball, but it's a good idea.

The heighth for Jr. High Basketball hoops is 10 feet.

The court itself is measured by length and width, not height. 94' x 50' is about average. The rim is 10' above the court.

Most high school basketball courts are 84 feet in length and 50 feet in width, making the square footage equal to 4200.

I don't know why don't did you want to know this question anyway? I need to know for a job.

The dimensions of a professional basketball court are 28.65 meters long and 15.24 meters wide. High school and college courts are shorter in length measuring at 25.2 meters.

An NBA and official NCAA (college) court is 94 ft long and 50 ft wide.A High School court is 84 ft long and 50 ft wide.A Junior High court is 74 ft long and 42 ft wide.

Length of basketball court28.65mNote: Many high school and college courts are 25.6m width of basketball court15.24m size of basketball backboardWidth: 1.82mHeight: 1.06m size of basketball rimThe diameter of the rim is 45.72cmThe top of the rim should be exactly 10 feet (3.04m) off the ground

No you cannot. This is because Senior is grade 12 which is high school. Junior high would not go up that high of a grade level.

Michael Jordan played for his JR high and High school. In high school. He played for Junior Varsity team and played for Varsity.

Basketball court dimensions can vary:An NBA court is 94 ft long and 50 ft wide.A College or High School court is 84 ft long and 50 ft wide.An NCAA court is 94 ft long and 50 ft wide.A Junior High court is 74 ft long and 42 ft wide.Half court is the same width and half the distance of the full court.

The height of a junior high school basketball hoop is the same as any other hoop:10 feet

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