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What is the length of the Grand Canyon?


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The Grand Canyon is 227 miles long and 10 miles wide!


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The Grand Canyon is the largest canyon in the world, both in length and depth. Over thousands of years water has cut a trench in the earth by the process of erosion.

Both are exceptional places to visit but the Grand Canyon takes the Blue Ribbon in this competition. Depending on how and where it is measured, the Snake River has carved Hells Canyon deeper by 2,000 feet, but at 10 miles in length, it is dwarfed by the 277 miles of the Grand Canyon carved by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is easily accessible, has a much greater variety and length of trails and better amenities.

The Grand Canyon is not even close to the size of Valles Marinaris. Grand Canyon length 446 km Valles Marinaris length 4000 km Grand Canyon maximum width 29 km Valles Marinaris maximum width 200 km Grand Canyon maximum depth 1.83 km Valles Marinaris maximum depth 7 km

The Grand Canyon is a wonder because of 1. it's uniqueness 2. depth, width and length 3. the bright, colourful rocks.

The call it the grand canyon because it is a canyon that is grand.

It was named the Grand Canyon because it is truly grand.

No state is in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is in Northwestern Arizona.

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The grand canyon is in USA in the state of Arizona. The grand canyon is a steep sided canyon that was formed from the Colorado river

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

No, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

No, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

No, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

No, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

The address of the Grand Canyon Community Library is: 208 Navajo Street, Grand Canyon, 86023 M

well, there is only one grand canyon and thats in Arizona. The Largest Canyon in the world is the grand canyon.

No. Copper canyon is in Mexico while the Grand canyon is in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon is in the US state of Arizona.The Grand Canyon is in northwestern Arizona.

the Grand Canyon is in Arizona. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. the Grand Canyon doesn't have a capital.

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