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Yenisei is the greatest river system flowing to the Arctic Ocean and is 3,445 miles long.

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What is an interesting fact about the Yenisei river?

the Yenisei river is 2,580,000km2

Are The Yenisei River and The Angara River the same?

The Angara River is a tributary of the Yenisei River.

How long is the Yenisei river in km?

It has a length of 2,167 miles (3,487 km).

Is the Nile River the largest river in the world?

The Nile River is the longest river by length.NileAmazonYangtzeMississippiYenisei

How long is the river Angara?

The length of the River Angara is 1,105 miles. This river is located in the country of Russia and its mouth is the Yenisei River.

Which is longer Yenisei or Yellow River?

Yenisei is longer

Where does the Yenisei River start?

The Yenisei River starts in Asia and ends in Siberia, into the Arctic ocean.

Which river does the Angara River join?

Yenisei River.

Where is the mouth of Yenisei River?

The Yenisei River's mouth is the kara sea and the Arctic Ocean.

Which continent is the Yenisei River?


Wildlife in the yenisei river?

Yes there is

What is the location of the Yenisei river?


What is country is the river yenisei?


How many tributaries does the Yenisei River have?


What is the outflow of Yenisei river?

saudi arabia

Which continent is the Yenisei river located in?


Source of yenisei river?

Mungaragiyn-Gol, located in Mongolia, is the source of the Yenisei River. The average depth of the river is 45 feet, but some parts are as deep as 80 feet.

In which direction does the Yenisei river flow?

north to south

What ocean does the river Yenisei flow into?

Arctic Ocean

How do people use the yenisei river?

Boat rides.

How many kilometres is the river of yenisei?

5,539 km

What countries do the Yenisei river run through?

Rising in Mongolia, the river follows its northern course to the Yenisei Gulf in the KARA Sea mostly draining in Central Siberia.

Which river flows through the middle of the western Siberian plains?

yenisei river

Where does the Yenisei river end?

The Yenisei (also spelled Yenisey) River flows into Yenisey Gulf, a part of the Kara Sea, from Siberia. The Kara Sea is part of the Arctic Ocean.

What wildlife is there in and around the River Yenisei?

There are Fish Sharks river skaters and many more!

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