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A Beetle is a insect or reptile?

A beetle is an insect

What is the world's largest insect in length?

I think the south American longhorn beetle, its body length is 6.5"(16.7cms)

What insect did the ancient Egyptians worship?

The dung beetle (scarab) was called Khepri.Scarab beetle

The fastest moving insect in the world?

the tiger beetle can run 100x its own length!

What is a male insect with large mandibles called?

stag beetle

Is a rhinoceros beetle a mammal?

No, a rhinoceros beetle is an insect not a mammal.

Is a beetle the most common insect in the world?

The most common insect in the world is the beetle it goes like this:Invertibrate ||Arthropod||Insect||Beetle

Is a beetle a bird?

No, a beetle is an insect.

Is a beetle a bug or insect?

A beetle is an insect. It has 6 legs so that is how you can tell.

What exactly is the insect called boll weevil?

It is a pest insect (a kind of beetle) that is particularly harmful to cotton crops.

Can the June beetle live in the UK?

It is not uncommon to find a June beetle in UK. This type of insect is also called the May beetle or June bug.

If beetle is to insect then what is perch to?

Birds Perch is a type of fish?? Then beetle is to insect as perch is to fish

What is the largest insect in the world?

The goliath beetle grows up to 12 cm in length andweighs about 115 grams

What is the difference between an insect and a beetle?

There are no reasonable differences because a beetle is an insect. A beetle has different characteristics when compared to other insects though.

What insect beetle start with letter u?

uruguayan beetle

What kind of insect is the rhinoceros beetle?

a dynasties beetle type

It is an insect and the first part of its name is another insect?

a BEEtle.

Compound sentence for insect?

A beetle is an insect but a spider is an arachnid.

Does a Dung Beetle have a backbone?

No. The dung beetle is an insect and therefore is an

Does a beetle belong under insects arachnids or mollusca?

a beetle is an insect

What are the differences between a beetle and a spider?

A Spider is an arthropod and a beetle is an insect

What are the two different definitions of a bug?

One definition is the insect bug which is a synonym for insect so it could mean cockroach, beetle, praying mantis, etc. Another definition is the car often called a beetle as well.

What is the heaviest insect in the US?

Goliath Beetle Is The Heaviest Insect In The US.

Is the Rhino beetle a mammal amphibian or an insect?

a rhino bettle is an insect

You are an insect the first half of your name reveals another insect What are you?

a beetle