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What is the life cycle of the worker bee?

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40 Days Honey bees have four stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa and adult. About three days after the queen lays the egg in a brood cell it hatches into the larva, which is then fed by the nurse bees for about six days. After this the lava pupates and the bees cap the cell with wax. The pupal stage lasts 11 or 12 days, after which the adult will break through the wax cap and emerge from the cell.

An adult bees tasks change as it grows older: * Day 1 and 2: She will be concerned with cleaning cells as they become empty. * Day 3 to 11: She will become a nurse bee and will feed the larvae * Day 12 to 17: Her wax glands will have developed and she will produce wax and build and repair cells. At this stage she will also store nectar and pollen brought in by other workers. Other hive tasks include feeding the queen and drones, packing pollen into cells, and fanning the hive by beating their wings to circulate air and control the temperature. * Day 18 to 21: She will become a guard bee and will protect the hive entrance from enemies. * From day 22: She will become a forager and will go out to collect nectar and pollen or a resinous substance called propolis which is used to cover the walls of the hive. During the summer, a worker bee will live for four to six weeks. In colder climates, in the winter a worker bee will rarely leave the hive and can live for several months.

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What is the life cycle of the bee?

first, the queen lays egg in a wax cell.Next, the bee worker feeds hatched larva. Then, Larva reaches full growth. Later, The bee worker seals cell. After that, larva becomes a pupa. Last, Adult bee leaves cell.

How many life cycle does a bee have?


What is the honey bees life cycle?

In most European countries, a worker honey bee lives for about six weeks in the summer and six months in the winter.

What is the bumblebees life cycle?


How many life cycle stages does a bee have?


How many stages does the life cycle of a bee have?


How many stages are there in the life cycle of the bee?


What size is a worker bee?

A worker bee is about 1 centimeter in size.

What are Songs with the word bee or bumble bee in the title?

"Worker Bee" by Motion City Soundtrack. It's on their new album, "My dinosaur life"

What determines if a female is a queen bee or a worker?

the wings of the bee and the size of the bee determines if shes a queen bee or a worker.

What is the life span of the female worker bee?

The life span of a worker bee varies according to the time of year. Her life expectancy is approximately 28 to 35 days. Workers that are reared in September and October, however, can live through the winter.

How many stings in a worker bee?

A worker bee has only one sting.

How much honey does a honey bee make in it's life?

During its entire life a honey bee worker makes about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey.

What is a bee that gives labor?

A worker bee.

How many stages are there in the life cycle of a bee?

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What are the three stages in a honeybees life cycle?

egg larve bee

What are types of bee?

the queen bee the worker and drone.

Is the worker bee the male or female bee?


What is the name of a female bee worker?

The male workers are called 'drones', females are simply called 'female worker bees'.

Does a worker bee have poison?


How big is a worker bee?

Depending on the species, a worker honey bee is between 13 and 17 mm long.

What does worker honey bee do?

they make babies with the queen bee

How much honey dose a worker bee produce?

A worker honey bee only lives for 6 weeks and only 3 of these weeks is spent collecting nectar, the main ingredient of honey. Therefore the amount of honey that a single bee can produce in its short life is infinitesimal.

How much honey does a worker bee produce in it's entire life?

Approximately 1/12 teaspoon

Which of the following lives in a cocoon as part of its life cycle a moth a mollusk or a bee?

a moth

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