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it depends on what features your laptop has. research your laptop on cnet has good reviews which usually says battery life.

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It is ok. You'll get more battery life. Is it a Lenovo netbook that you are referring to?

"Better" doesn't really say enough in this situation. I'm assuming this is about a laptop that can be fitted with either a 6-cell or a 9-cell battery - in which case the 9-cell will let you run longer on battery, but will usually stick out a bit and make the laptop both bigger and heavier. So 9-cell is good for runtime, but poor for carrying it around. Your choice.

The battery life for the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 provides over 4 hours of battery life.

It depends which computer the battery is supplying. 9 cell batteries will last quite long, in the region of 5/6 hours depending on the laptop/battery model.

It really depends on what kind of battery, what kind of laptop, what kind of processor and what you do with your laptop. Typical reliable answer for most new 6 cell battery is 3 hours at least, and 9 cell battery last 4-5 hours.

The notebook battery is an important feature to consider when buying a new notebook. The type of notebook battery included by the manufacturer determines the laptop's battery life. Most notebooks come with a 6-cell battery, but a few notebooks come with a 9-cell battery. The higher the number of cells, the longer the notebook can function on its battery. Many laptop manufacturers allow you to upgrade to a higher-quality battery for an additional cost when buying a new laptop.

It depends on usage. But laptop batteries last anywhere between 12-24 months. My laptop battery needs to be replaced because it will not charge all the way and it is 19 months old. If possible, Replace it with a 9 cell for longer life and it will hold a charge longer too.

There is no way to tell with just the battery voltage given. It is the current capacity of the battery that counts, not the voltage. Further, the laptop design itself determines much of the hour life. I have seen a high-power laptop meant for intensive imaging work that had a 45-minute battery discharge time, and other laptops with as much as 6 hours battery discharge time.

No, a lead acid battery is a wet cell battery and a 9 volt alkaline battery is a dry cell battery.

It might work using a single cell, like a flashlight cell, or you may have to connect several together, end to end. If it says on the fan case that it is 12v, that is 12 volts, and it should run on a regular 9-volt battery.

The battery life (assuming it is a primary cell) is determined by the Ampere-hour drawn from it. You cannot connect a 3.5V bulb directly to a 9V battery. The bulb will fuse.

Fujitsu LifeBook N6010,LifeBook N6210 battery for my laptop? How long does the 9-cell battery last? Should I buy a second one? Can people recommend this for me? Thanks!

The battery life on a Dell Inspiron 6400, 9 cell battery can last anything from 3h30mins to 5h30mins. The mainly depends on how the power saving mode has been set, when you reduce the computer's performance you save battery life.

The 6 cell battery lasts about 2 to 4 hours, the 6 cell is a little smaller and a little cheaper. The 9 cell battery is a little larger, costs a little more, and lasts a little longer.

well, generally, the more cells a battery contains, the more capacity a battery has. the batteries have different working hours because of the number of the cell. what's more every cell has a "3.7 V normal volt" and the maximum volt is 4.2V, the Volt of a battery finally depends on the number of the cells and the series circuit/parallel circuit. i

The price ranges depending on what type of laptop you have. The Dell TD347 85 requires a WHr 9-Cell Smart Lithium-Ion Primary Laptop Battery. The average cost for the battery is around $52. It is important to purchase the battery from a site or store that has a one year guarantee. A Dell GD761 Battery can be found for as low as $44.

if you mean shelf life they last for years if stored properly

For internet browsing/MSword you can have 4-5 hrsFor basic gameplay you can have 2.5-4For watching movies you can have 3-4

Well, I too almost bought a Acer btp abbm battery! But what you want to do, you decide yourself. Some people buy an extra battery just because it will act as a backup for them when the primary ones runs out of juice. A typical battery lasts about 2 hours before it goes down. I have a feeling that if you buy the battery separately from DELL, the price is dearer? Did you check that one out? I think it's in the accessories section of their website. A nine cell battery is a good choice because my colleague bought DELL's six cell battery and her battery goes flat very quickly. It also depends on what you do in the time the laptop is being used, the power saver options on my laptop determines how long it keeps going.

A C, 9-volt, and watch batteries are dry cell batteries.

A D cell battery has a voltage output of 1.5 volts, while a 9 volt battery produces about 9 volts. This is just the potential energy though. D cells provide far more current for a longer time then a 9 volt battery. In terms of overall power output, a D cell in give you many times more power than a 9 volt battery. Physical size, in this case is a good indicator as the material inside is the same.

The battery life for a laptop varies from laptop to laptop and depends on several factors including manufacturer, number of cells, age, type of use and recharge history.ManufacturerDepending on who the manufacturer of your laptop is, you may have a better quality battery in your laptop. Manufacturers who are looking to sell their product to someone who is going to have a heavy laptop use (college students, mobile workers, etc.) are more likely to put a higher quality battery in their machine to attract customers. Because you are getting a better battery life though, you will probably pay more for your computer.Number of CellsLaptop batteries can come with different numbers of cells (usually 6, 9, or 12). The more cells a battery has, the longer it will be able to hold a charge.AgeAs a battery ages, it loses it's potential to hold a long charge. The life-time of your battery can vary greatly depending on its use and your recharging habits.Type of UseThe more use you put on a laptop, the less amount of time the battery is going to be able to hold up. Someone who just does types up documents in Word is going to have a much longer battery life than a person who is watching/downloading videos.Recharge historyMany laptops come with directions on how to get the best use of your battery, of which include completely charging it the first time you charge and allowing it to fully discharge on a regular basis. Not allowing your battery to fully discharge on a regular basis (ie. plugging it in every time it gets low) will also decrease your battery life as well as leaving it constantly plugged in. If you plug your laptop in (and are not charging the battery), then take the battery out to preserve it longer.Those are not the only factors that affect battery life, but only some of the major ones. When I first bought my own laptop, the battery lasted a full 5-7 hours (depending on what I was doing). Now, after three years, during regular internet use, I may get a good 20-30 minutes out of it.You can use a laptop as many hours a day as you need to, but just remember that the more you use the battery and the more you don't take care of it, the lesser quality you are going to get from it.

6 @ 1.5v each The 9 volt battery is a true battery, containing six cells of 1.5 volts each. Most storage devices that we call batteries(i.e. D-cell, AA-cell, AAA-cell) are not batteries, but cells.

The 7200mAh battery will last slightly longer than the 6600mAh one. Generally speaking, the higher the mAh, the longer the battery lasts.

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