What is the life span of an animal and plant cell?


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Not sure about plant cell, or the general animal cell. A white blood cell can last anywhere from 13-20 days! (don't worry I got this from a scientific website!)


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The life span for both is how long will the plant or animal will live.The life cycle is the process in which the animal and plant is growing.

The nucleus in an animal cell is located in the center of an animal or plant cell because it controls the movements of materials in and out of the cell as it contributes in the life span of a cell

The time of cell division usually relates to the life span of a plant or animal. For onion root tips, the length of the cell division is related to the life span of the onion plant.

What is the life span of an RBS cell?

The life span of a rose plant depends on many factors. If the rose plant is grafted, the life span is generally around ten years.

the animal with the longest life span is a giant turtle

The life span of a bean plant is 5 years that is the life span of the bean plant By:Giggly puff McMoo! my number is 764-3987 im a plant scientist.

the larger the plant the longer the life span.

It really depends on the animal.

the average life span of a red blood cell is 120 days.

A paddy or rice plant grows very fast. The average life span of the paddy plant is only about three months.

The life span of a Multicellular organism is not limited to the life of a single cell.

The average life span for a brain cell is our entire life. If they die due to any reason, they don't regrow

The typical life span of a healthy red blood cell is approximately 120 days.

White blood cells have the shortest life span.

The life span of phloem parenchyma is 1 year. Phloem parenchyma is a rectangular cell that is slightly larger than a companion cell.

Parenchyma cells are defined as simple plant tissue, composed of thin-walled cells and forming the greater part of leaves, roots, the pulp of fruit, and the pith of stems. They are always alive so their life span is the life span of the leaf which they are a part of.

The advantage of a fish that has a plant cell injected to it is that the fish will have a long life span. due to the photosynthesis capability that a plant cell offer. study shows that breeding fishes that has plant cell injected to them can out live the control for more that 3years, as long as they get enough sun light.

The sea sponge has the longest life span. It can be 10.000 years old.

It depends on the animal the breed of animal etc etc....

every animal or species has a different life span. The new bridge will span the river at Austin.

An animal's life span is literally how long it lives. It's life cycle is the phases of development and behaviors that occur during that life span.

The life span of the red blood cell to be 115-120 days. The life span of red blood cell is not more than three days.

The life span of an animal is generally determined by the amount of osteon located in their bone marrow. It also depends somewhat on the size of their ilium.

it depends on the ability of the cell to function properly.....

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