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as soon as the battery runs out. it depends on how many times and for how long you open the card.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-24 16:52:53
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Q: What is the lifespan of greeting cards with music?
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How much does a greeting card weigh?

Most greeting cards weigh approximately 30 grams. This, of course, can vary depending on the type of card, such as a greeting card that comes with music.

Do you need a publisher to sale greeting cards?

do i need to have a license to sale my greeting cards

What are some Charities that sell Greeting Cards?

There are many charities that sell greeting cards. Examples of charities that sell greeting cards includes Saint Jude's Research Hospital and Cards That Love.

Where can one find unique greeting cards?

Unique greeting cards can be found in regular card stores. Hallmark has many unique greeting cards, because it is a store mainly dedicated to selling cards.

Where are greeting cards sold?

Greeting cards are sold in nearly every city. Some stores that sell greeting cards are Hallmark, American Greetings, and local grocery stores.

What companies specialize in printing greeting cards?

There are several companies that specialize in printing greeting cards, such as Moonpig. Similarly, other webpages, such as Funky Pigeon offer greeting cards.

Why are birthday cards considered greeting cards?

because you are basically greeting the person by saying happy birthday.

Where can one obtain free AOL greeting cards?

One can obtain free AOL greeting cards from: American Greetings, Discover AOL, Regards, eCardica, Greeting Cards, Brothersoft, Flickr Aries House of Greeting Cards, Care 2 eCards, to name a few.

What types of events does Greeting Island provide free printable invitations for?

Greeting Island provides you with free printable invitations for various types of cards like Birthday cards, greeting cards and romance cards. You can personalize your cards and print them for free.

With what software a home user can play games compose music research genealogy or create greeting cards?


Where could someone purchase bulk business greeting cards to send clients?

A company named Posty Cards allows one to purchase bulk greeting cards to send clients. The greeting cards include business birthday cards, business thank you cards and business sympathy cards.

Where can one print personalised greeting cards?

One can print personalized greeting cards by going to the U Printing website. The website has a number of templates that can be personalized and printed, including greeting cards.

What department stores sell sunrise greeting cards?

I think in every department stores has sunrise greeting cards.

Where can I find some Christmas greeting cards online?

Always go to target for greeting cards. Use

What has the author MaryJo McGraw written?

MaryJo McGraw has written: 'Making greeting cards with rubber stamps' -- subject(s): Greeting cards, Rubber stamp printing 'Greeting Cards for Every Occasion'

What's the best place to buy greeting cards?

Most people do send greeting cards, some are online though now. Hallmark has great greeting cards, as well as nice sales, such as buy five cards get one free.

Where can a person find free prinatable greeting cards online?

A person can find printable greeting cards online on special homepages and websites with greeting cards. also some funny websites or homepages can be helpful.

Where can I get free greeting cards?

A great option would be to send free online greeting cards. A good website for this would be They have a wide variety of online greeting cards for a number of occasions!

Where do you purchase blank musical greeting cards?

You can purchase blank musical greeting cards at specialty shops. You can also find them online at various greeting card stores.

What do you call a people who sell greeting cards and envolopes?

Appreciation at its finest! Card Store! Greeting Cards-R-Us!

Where can Happy Holiday's cards be purchased?

Giftah has an excellent selection of cards from the Happy Holidays brand of greeting cards. Another place to try would be Hallmark Greeting cards stores.

What are greeting cards used for?

Greeting cards are cards with beautiful pictures, gags or scenery that you send to loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or get well cards for someone who is ill.

Where can I find free e greeting cards?

Some websites that offer free e greeting cards is another is On those sites you can send free online greeting cards, animated cards, ecards, postcards & egreetings

Where can one find American Greeting cards?

American Greeting cards can be found in most drug stores and big box retailers nationwide. You can also find American Greeting cards for purchase on the American Greetings website.

How do I get my greeting card published by Gibson greeting cards?

though most greeting card companies will not buy the copyright to privately created cards, contact Gibson and see what their rules are