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I Dont See What The Problemm Would Be, As Longg As Your Healthyy

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Q: What is the likelihood of getting pregnant after already having children at 44 years of age?
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Why were children from industrial cities evacuated?

The point of evacuating children from London and other big cities was to reduce the likelihood of them getting bombed.

Should your belly already be getting bigger at 2 months pregnant?

It matters who you are.

What is the likelihood of pregnancy during menstruation period?

Pretty low, but probably not worth the risk of getting pregnant if that's what you're trying to prevent

If you repeatedly miss your birth control pills will this affect your fertility?

Yes, missing birth control pills increases the likelihood of getting pregnant.

Is it true that if you've already had one child the chances of you getting pregnant again are very high especially when your having unprotected pullout sex?

No this is not true. The likelihood of you becomming pregnant depends on where you are in your cycle and how fertile you are. The withdrawal method has a very high faiure rate. You should use a condom and not use the pullout/withdrawal method.

Can an already enlisted single soldier in the army reserves get pregnant and stay enlisted or do they get chaptered out?

You don't get chaptered out for getting pregnant, in any component of the Army.

Can showering after intercourse reduce chance of getting pregnant?

No. The sperm needed to fertilize an egg is already inside of you. Although it helps to lay down for about 1/2 an hour after intercourse when trying to get pregnant, getting up and taking a shower after isn't going to keep you from getting pregnant.

What is the likelihood of getting pregnant two days after your period?

60-90% probability depending on your menstrual cycle, the more regular your periods are, the more chances you could be pregnant since pregnancy can occur starting on the last day of your bleeding.

Can you go on the pill if you think you are pregnant to prevent getting pregnant?

If you are already pregnant, going on the pill will not make any difference. The pill does not effect a pregnancy at all. No, it simply does not work like that.

What is the probability that a woman get pregnant even if premenstrual syndrome had already occurred?

Your risk of getting pregnant is the same as any other time when you are fertile. Unless you are menopausal or pregnant, you have a chance of becoming pregnant from having sex.

In menstrual cycle when can't you get pregnant?

A woman may potentially get pregnant at anytime during her menstrual cycle. The likelihood of getting impregnated increases around day 14 which is ovulation day if the period is regular. Advice given to those who wish to avoid getting pregnant is as follows - use contraception and/or avoid intercourse between days 10 and 20 (especially day 14) of the menstrual cycle to decrease the chances of getting pregnant.

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