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Copyémon_video_games see it has lot of games

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Q: What is the list of all Pokemon games?
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What are all the GBA Pokemon games?

There is a link in the the related links of a list of all Pokemon Gba games.

Where do you get a Pokemon evolution list?

Check below-maps this site have fore all games

Where can one find a list of all the Pokemon games available on the Nintendo DS console?

To find a list of all the available Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS, one can go to the official Nintendo site. One can also go to various wikis that are dedicated to the Pokemon series.

Where can I find a list of all Pokemon moves?

Its easy just go to and you will see a list of Pokemon games click on ruby/Sapphire and then once you get to that page press new Pokemon or ruby/Sapphire pokedex then youll see a list of Pokemon.

List names of all card games?

I make a list of the card games for you: Pokemon Trainer Challenge Elements Multiplayer Games Online Fallen Worlds Online Urban Rivals

Where can you find a list of all the Pokemon featured in Pokemon Ruby?

Its easy just go to and you will see a list of Pokemon games click on ruby/Sapphire and then once you get to that page press new Pokemon or ruby/Sapphire pokedex then youll see a list of Pokemon.There are numerous Pokemon. A small list of them are Squirtle, Wartortle, Metapod, and Bulbasaur.

What are the dark Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

There are many different dark Pokemon in Diamond. To find a complete list of them you can go here: It lists all of the dark Pokemon from all of the games.

FireRed Pokemon list?

to get the Pokemon list go to there click on the pokedex you will find all the Pokemon there

What is list of all pokemon?

Well its simply a list of all pokemon, but you can try and click on national pokedex to see every pokemon.

What are the names of all Pokemon games in order of date?

The related link below is an up-to-date list of all Pokemon games, ordered by release date in Japan, the US, Europe and other countries since Pokemon Red and Green's release in 1996.

What Pokemon are in the diamond and pearl games?

All of the old ones and lots lots more! For a complete list, you can visit they have a complete pokedex of all of the new and old pokemon, and how to get them

List of Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

...All of them?

Where is a alphabetical list of all 493 Pokemon?

Bulbapedia has an alphabetical list (article title "List of Pokemon by Name").

Can you show a list of levels all of the Pokemon in Pokemon platinum evolve at?

If you go to and click Dppt pokedex at the side you have lists of Pokemon from all the games and if you click a Pokemon's name it tells you everything about it including when it levels up.

What are all the Pokemon?

Pokemon are creatures from the games.

Is there a Pokemon game based on the anime?

duh you must have seen the adverts they the games come out like every 3 months these are a list of Pokemon games all of which are only for ds diamond,pearl,platinum,heart gold,soul silver,black and white plus they all say Pokemon in there name e.g. pokemon diamond, Pokemon pearl and so on

What are all of the Pokemon you can get on Pokemon colloseum?

When you beat the final boss of the game, you get a list of all the shadow Pokemon and where you can find them.

Can you name all of the Pokemon?

Yes, you can nickname all of the pokemon. Or, if you wanted a list of all the pokemon, I can, but it would take me 2 hours.

How many Pokemon exist in all the Pokemon games together?

There are 493 Pokemon in all.

Where can you find a list of all Pokemon in sapphire?

The fastest and most plain way to find a list of those Pokemon is to just do a search on Google saying "List of Pokemon from Saphire"

Where can you play Pokemon games on the internet?

Just go to and scroll down to the list of games and under Gameboy games and there is Pokemon Red, Yellow, Silver, and Gold.

How do you delete a Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

If you mean Release them its just like in all the other games you just put the Pokemon in you box and when you have to pick what to do with the Pokemon you just go down the list a little bit and then you will see 'release' and the first thing on the list should be "Summary" I think >.< Well i hope this helped

Does Lugia appear in all Pokemon games?

No,but you can get a lugia to all Pokemon games except red, blue, and yellow.

Is there a glitch to get all the Pokemon in the game?

No, there isn't a glitch to get all the Pokemon in the games.

What are all the black and white version Pokemon?

For a list of all known Pokemon, see the related link.