What is the literacy rate in Libya?

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For the total population of Libya the literacy rate is about 82.6%. For those that are male the literacy of Libya is about 92.4%, and for female, it is 72% according to the 2003 estimate. Libya has the highest literacy rate in northern Africa.
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How to increase literacy rate in world?

Teachers would be needed in vernacular ...and lots of them . A challenge to increase literacy around the world is that a western/eastern teacher might not speak the local language thus making it almost impossible to teach children to read and write . Another option would be sending teachers from t ( Full Answer )

What country has the highest literacy rate?

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as of 2007-08 three countries have a literacy rate of 99.8%, Cuba, Estonia, and Poland.

What is Germany's literacy rate?

Germany, as with several other countries worldwide, does not use polling data to establish the definition or extent of its population's literacy. The arbitrary figure of 99% is applied to such countries by the UN when computing the Human Development Index.. (see link)

What is the literacy rate in Africa?

As of 2008, the literacy rate was 63%. One in three adults inAfrica cannot read or write. 176 million adults cannot read orwrite.

What is the literacy rate in Texas USA?

The state of Texas, overall, has a literacy rate of 81 percent.This varies from county to county, but generally is within the 75to 90 percent range.

What is the literacy rate in China?

93% the literacy rate of China is 82%. but it wasn't always this high! prior to 1999 only 20% of Chinese were literate!

What is the literacy rate for Texas?

The literacy rate in Texas was 81 percent in 2009. This isaccording to the National Center for Education Statistics.

What is the literacy rate for Honduran males?

The literacy rate for the entire population is about 80%. For males, it's 79.8% (according to the CIA World Factbook, information retrieved on May 1, 2008)

What is Iowa's literacy rate?

Iowa's literacy rate is 99 percent. Iowa has had the highestliteracy rate in the United States since 1910. The state has beenpraised numerous times for its educational system.

What is the literacy rate for Switzerland?

Well from what I been looking at it says that it is 99%, just to be sure go to goggle and find out or just ask a more experienced person who knows more about Switzerland than me

India literacy rate?

The literacy rate in India is 76.9% for men and 54.5% for women. The overall literacy rate is about 66%.

Literacy rate of china?

92.2% of Chinese 15 years old and up can read and write. 96% of males are literate and 88.5% of females are literate.

What is the literacy rate in North Korea?

99% of North Korea's 23,479,089 population are literate over the age of fifteen. That means approximately 23,244,298 are literate and approximately 234,791 are illiterate. See the Related Link below for more information.

What is the literacy rate in Taiwan?

96.1% in 1995. It could be higher now, but a significant population in Taiwan is composed of contracted foreign laborers.

What is Virginia's literacy rate?

i do not know anthing i had to call my mum two heelp ma; sha said two asky you on thes wed set soo what is verginia letaracy rat plese help me im stoopid

What is the literacy rate in Washington D.C.?

1 out of 3 people in Washington DC ages 16 and over are currently functioning at the lowest level of literacy. The lowest level of literacy is defined by the State Education Agency, as people who "can perform no more than the most simple and concrete literacy skills." I blame it on the parents ( Full Answer )

What is the literacy rate in Connecticut?

More than half of the adults in many of Connecticut's cities function at the two lowest levels of literacy. In the city of Hartford, 73% of adults are functionally illiterate; in New Haven, 57%; in New London, 50%; and in Bridgeport, 68%; in Waterbury, 56%.

What is the Literacy rate in Madhya Pradesh?

A census conducted in 2011 shows that the literacy rate in MadhyaPradesh is 70.3 percent. When broken down between the sexes, menshow a literacy rate of 82.1 percent, while females show a rate of65.5 percent.

What is the literacy rate in Cambodia?

In the most recent UN Human Development Report (2007/2008) it was 73.6%. See the related link below. The Human Development Report for 2010 will come out in November.

How does literacy rate affect an economy?

A country is considered developed when it's citizens possess the knowledge and skills they need and majority of them are highly educated. When literacy rate is high, people can have better jobs, thus increasing the GNP and per capita income aside from providing a decent life. The government can conc ( Full Answer )

What is the literacy rate in Alaska?

The exact rate of literacy is not easily measurable, but it has been recently reported that around eleven percent of the Alaskan population functions at the lowest level of literacy according to the Literacy Council of Alaska.

Literacy rate of Brazil?

Literacy: definition : age 15 and over can read and write total population : 88.6% men : 88.4% women : 88.8%

What was the literacy rate in the Middle Ages?

I would guess at a literacy rate of 50% in the Byzantine Empire; a rate starting at well below 10% among the Germanic tribes and the people they conquered during the Age of Migrations, with the literacy rate rising to perhaps 25% at the end of the Middle Ages in Western Europe; and a rate remainin ( Full Answer )

What is the literacy rate in Thailand?

The literacy rate is defined as the number of people aged 15 and over who can read and write. In the 2000 census, this figure for Thailand was 92.6% of the population: males - 94.9% and females - 90.5%.

What is the literacy rate of Madagascar?

According to the Human development Report 2007/2008, Adult literacy rate in Madagascar is accounted at 70.7% [Survey 2004, from World Bank / WDI database]

What is Alaska's literacy rate?

The literacy rate in Alaska isn't very high. 20% or more of adultsin Alaska read at or below a 5th grade level. 11% of the state hasa Level 1 reading level. This means they are unable to locateintersections on maps, locate information in an article, or do morethan really sign their name.

The literacy rate of Puerto Rico?

The majority of the people in the island have assists to the university. Puerto Rico is the number one exporting Doctors, Nurses and engineers to the United States. puerto Rico in proportion with the US the majority of the population that goes to the university helps the statistics in the United sta ( Full Answer )

What is the literacy rate of Oklahoma?

four out of ten working adults don't have literacy skills, here it goes one child out of four grow up not knowing how to read. About 67%

What is Estonia's literacy rate?

Estonia's Literacy Rate Using the definition of literacy as the population 15 years old and older being able to read and write, the literacy rate of Estonia in 2000 was 99.8% (from 2000 census).

What was the literacy rate in England in 1750?

England's Literacy Rate in 1750 According to one source, England's literacy rate in 1750 was 40%, though there would have been a noticeable difference in literacy between the classes. Though today's definition of literacy is based on the ability to read and write, some estimates of literacy at th ( Full Answer )

What is Mali's literacy rate?

Some estimates of the literacy rate in Mali say it is from 27-30%, while others say it is 46.4%.

What is the literacy rate for Korea?

North Korea :. definition: age 15 and over can read and write. total population: 99%. male: 99%. female: 99%. South Korea :. definition: age 15 and over can read and write. total population: 97.9%. male: 99.2%. female: 96.6% (2002).

What was the literacy rate in the US in the 1900s?

Almost 90% (10.7% illiteracy at 14 years or older). By race/nativity, illiteracy ranged from 4.6% ("native-born" whites) to 44% for blacks. This is from the National Assessment for Adult Literacy in the Dept. of Education.

Does Peru have a high literacy rate?

Fairly high, in 2007 the literacy rate it was estimated at 92.9% though in rural areas the rate is lower (80.3%).

What is the GDP and Literacy Rate for Mexico?

Literacy rate is 94.5% for ages 15 and over (2015 est) . GDP is $1.14 trillion at nominal exchange rates, or $2.41trillion at Purchase-Power-Parity rates.

How a literacy rate is calculated?

Number of Literate persons divided by total population and multiply by 100. Suppose we want to calculate the Literacy Rate of Population Aged 7 and Above in Mizoram for the year 2011, the number of literates is 8,47,592 and its population aged 7 and above is 9,25,478. 8,47,592 is divided by 9,2 ( Full Answer )

How high is a high literacy rate?

The highest literacy rate possible is 100. Countries with a 100 percent literacy rates for both male and female are Finland, Norway, Greenland and so on.

What is the definition of literacy rate in pakistan?

In Pakistan anybody who can read a newspaper in any language andone who can write a letter is called literate. Different countrieshave different definitions but this is the criteria at whichPakistanis are assessed to be literate or not.

How can you increase women literacy rate?

The best way to increase womens literacy rates is to start classes in your own neighborhood. You can put up flyers, and have meet ups at the local libraries to help women learn to read.