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What is the load capacity of a swb transit 280 in the UK?

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Look at the plate in the footwell load capacitys are listed there

Unbraked 750 lbs: Braked 1500 lbs.

The Ford Transit is a light commercial vehicle that is usually used as a cargo van. There are passenger Ford Transits, but they are much less common. The Ford Transit SWB, or short wheel base, is produced in Germany.

its located under the drinks holder pasinger side just above the glove box

It is listed in your owner's manual and on the driver's door post.

In the 'step-up' wall of the passenger's footwell there should be a plate with the weights and load capacities...mine starts with 3500kg (being to total allowable weight I guess) but the manual should explain this.

The serpentine fan belt layout for a Ford Transit can be obtained from the car manufacturer. This information will be presented to you upon inquiry.

This kind of thing can be obtained from any auto parts store.

The Ford Transit short-wheel-base has an overall length of 4.863 meters, a width of 1.974 meters (excluding mirrors) or 2.374 (including mirrors), and a height of .933 meters.

I'm almost sure it can carry 1.6 tonnes but check your weight plate in the foot well.

SWB - Steel Wire Braid

My garage have changed it at 5213 mileage, which seems very low to me? Any ideas?

it won't start because it is not warmed up if you know what i mean!! lol!13 rules 4-ever

My y reg swb 85 does 30/32 around town and on a steady run on the motorway at 60mph will do 40/41 mpg, these are accurate figures not guess work.

First things first it has to be hooked to a proper scanner and have the codes cleared. If the problem stays unsolved the light will come on immediately so watch out for that.

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the reason the lights are on is because you need too replace brake pads or if the pads are ok one of the abs wires goin too the hub are damaged

OBL is short for Obligated funding. It is funding that is required normally relying on government intervention. SWB carries a different term and requirement.

A Mitsubishi Shogun SWB is a sport utility vehicle sold in the UK. It has four wheel drive, off road and touring capability plus the interior comfort of a spacious sedan car.

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