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What is the location of the on-off solenoid and shift solenoid in a 1998 ford windstar gl 3.8L AX4S transaxle?

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The 1998 AX4S transaxle has a total of five (5) solenoids located in different locations

within the transaxle itself. There are three shift solenoids, 1st , 2nd, 3rd. Also there

is a torque converter clutch (tcc) solenoid and an electronic pressure control (epc) solenoid.

All of these solenoids are output devices, placed in an on-off position by the vehicles powertrain control module (computer) at different times.

The powertrain control module (pcm) also receives input from four (4) sensors, the transmission range (tr) sensor, the turbine shaft speed (tss) sensor, vehicle speed (vss) sensor, and the Transmission Fluid temprature (tft) sensor.

From the information received from these sensors, (input devices),the computer actually controls every thing the transmission does by the solenoids, (output devices).

As far as the actual placement of the solenoids, I would highly recommend a manual!

On my 96 Windstar I removed the air cleaner and tube to the fuel injectors and the Battery and the can then see the valve cover pan on the end of the Transaxle..this cover has to be removed to access the 'shift' solenoids. there are three. the pan can be removed only after you remove the the bar suporting the back of the transmission and it's rubber mount..this will give you enough room to remove pan-cover over the valve body..the three shift solenoids are stacked in a row, white in color,brown if burnt or bad..disconnect wire to each and twist to the left to remove, best to replace all three..p.s. you will need a jack to support the back of transaxle to remove the rear support.....

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