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Sorry! But unfortunatly, (and i found this out the hard way) each time you play, the combo. hints, text messages, and even ROOM NUMBERS are different! good luck trying to figure it out!

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โˆ™ 2010-11-24 20:32:44
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Q: What is the locker combination in Hannah Montana game wireless quest?
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What is Jackson's locker combination on Hannah Montana Wireless Quest Jacksons combination?


Where is mileys locker on Hannah Montana wireless quest?

there is no hannah montana

How do you get the combination to Jacksons locker Hannah Montana wireless quest game?

I figured out that every time the code for the locker is different !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is the locker in Hannah Montana game wireless quest?

it is in Disney

I can't get the locker combination on mileys locker what is it?

In the Hannah Montana game, right? It's, well, not there anymore.

Where can you get the locker code in Hannah Montana wireless quest if it is not on the moose poster?

go look somewhere else

Where is the locker with the color lock Hannah Montana wireless quest?

This in different locations each time you play

What is Jacksons combination of his locker in the school on Hannah Montana's wireless quest?


What is Jackson's locker combination on Hannah Montana Wireless Quest?

Everyone's combination is different.Some other players share their codes:- 273- 5-5-5- My combo was 114- 813

How do you get the combination for Jackson's locker?

Jackson is just a character from the hit t.v. show Hannah Montana, he doesn't really have a locker combo.

What is Jackson's combination of his locker in the school on Hannah Montana?

04 25 36 85 87

In Hannah Montana at mileys school what is mileys locker?

Type your answer here... A

In Hannah Montana DS where is kelly's locker?

you have to talk to oliver then he will move and then you open the locker oliver was standing in front of.

What is the code to the lock to the locker on Hannah Montana's wireless quest?

All are different

What is Miley's locker number in Hannah Montana?


In Hannah Montana wireless quest how do you get in the library?

To get to the library you have to of found the cap, opened the locker and found the CD. Once you've found the CD go to the library, it will be open. It is pretty simple after that.

What is Jackson's locker number in Hannah Montana?

what is Jackson's locker number.I don't know. I really want to find out though. Please tell me.

Where is the CAP in Hannah Montana wireless quest?

you will get a message from Lilly or Oliver that tells you that it is in the open locker... you have to check all the open locker then you will find the cap with the combination. go to the yellow locker and once you open it there is a CD..... go to the library and just go to the computer and Jackson will tell you something but he will say something about an empty test tube.... go to the science room and go to the glass thingy and click on the test tube

What is Jackson's locker combination on Hannah Montanna Wireless Quest?

it is different every time so you are definitely out of luck, trust me I looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it anywhere. good luck with the game and i am sorry i couldn't help with that question:)

Which is mileys locker in mileys wireless quest?

her locker lock is colored

Where is the moose poster on the Hannah Montana Wireless quest?

it is different every game. try looking in the last classroom you would look in. it's probably not in the science or art rooms though. once you take the picture, look at it in your inventory or else you won't see the locker number.i guss i don't know!

Where do you go after you find the locker in wireless quest?

to the library

What is Jackson's locker code in wireless quest?


Where is Kelly in the Hannah Montana Nintendo DS game?

Okay i have completed all the episodes so if you need anymore questions i can answer them. She is a girl with black curly hair and she's reading a book. While I'm at it I've seen questions asking about where her locker is and her locker is where Oliver is standing.

What is the code for Jackson's locker in wireless quest?

5678875 i think