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Q: What is the long jump record for 13 year girls in Australia?
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What is long jump record for 12 year old girl?

my name is kate and the world record for 12&under girls long jump is 17 feet and 1 inch

What is the U-13 girls long jump record?

5.10m set in 2008

Is record for the long jump a prepositional phrase?

The prepositional phrase is for the long jump. Record is not part of it.

How long can dolphins jump?

The highest high jump record is about 8 meters. The highest long jump record is about 15 meters.

Womens long jump world record?

The current world record in women's long jump is held by Christel Schultz of Germany. Her record jump is 6.12 meters.

What is the Olympic record for the long jump?

The Olympic Record for the men's long jump is Bob Beamon's 8.90 jump in the 1968 Olympic games.

What is the Olympic long jump record?

The Olympic Long jump record for men is 8.90 meters jumped by Bob Beamon.

Who holds the world record in the long jump for 8 year old girls?

Probably this 8 year old girl I know

What is the farthest jump for the long jump?

The world record for men is 8.95m

What is the mens Olympic long jump record?

Bob Beamon's 1968 jump of 8.90m (29 feet 2.5 inches) is the men's Olympic record for the long jump.

What is the human world record in long high jump?

There is no competition called the long high jump.

What is the women long jump record?


What is the meaning 0f recorder in the long jump?

they are the ones who record the length of you jump.

What is the current long jump record?

Mike Powell's 8.95 meters jump.

When did Mike Powell set the long jump world record?

Mike Powell set the long jump world record of 8.95m on 30th August 1991.

What is the current long jump world record?

the current world record is 8.95m

What is the worlds record long jump?

8.95m for men.

What is the womens long jump world record?


World record for long jump?

8.4 metres

Who is the world record for the long jump?

Mike Powell.

How far did Galina Chistyakova jump?

She holds the world long jump record with 7.52m.

World record long jump for ladies?

Galina Chistyakova with a jump of 7.52 meters.

Who is the current olympic record for the men's long jump?

Mike Powells 8.95meter jump.

What record does American athlete mike Powell have?

He broke the record for the long jump distance

Who holds the British women's long jump record?

Bev Kinch holds the British long jump record with 6.93cm which she jumped in Helsinki, Finland on 14th August 1983