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The longest swimmign race for men is the 1500 metres and the longest for women is the 800m that is in the pool.

The longest swimming race for men and for women is 10 kilometres in open water.

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What is the longest running race in the Olympics?

The MarathonThe longest running race is the marathon at 42.195KM (26miles 385yards)The longest foot race is the mens 50K walkThe longest race is the triathalon - 1500M swim + 40KM cycle + 10KM run

What is the longest race in the Olympics?

The longest athletics race in the Olympics is the marathon race, over 26 miles. But the longest of all is the mens cycling road race at 239km

What is the longest distance race in the Olympics called?

The Marathon

What part of Greece is the longest race in the Olympics named after?


What is the longest distance event in the Olympics?

Cycling road race at 100km.

What bird can fly and swim under water the longest?

The penguin can swim the longest underwater. The penguin can swim the longest underwater.

What and when is the longest race in the olympipc games called?

The longest race is the 50 Km walk. The longest running race is the Marathon.

What is the sign for swimming Olympics?

the Olympics do not swim. They are held. Usually on a 4 year basis. Dolphins swim. So do fish. Olympics do not.

How long do you swim in the Olympics?

You might swim 100m

What are the qualifications to be a swimmer in the Olympics?

for swimming there is a meet called Olympic trials to reach that point there are tie standards you must reach. From that point the swimmers swim once in prelims where the top 16 move on to semi finals once the swimmers swim here the Field narrows even more down to 8 swimmers finally the swimmers swim one last race in the finals the top two swimmers in that race go to the Olympics

What is the longest distance swimming?

on swim teams the longest is the 500

When was the first use of swim goggles in the Olympics?

I think the first use of swim goggles in the Olympics was in 1960.

What is Nascar's longest race?

The Coca-Cola 600 is currently the longest sanctioned Nascar race.

What is the longest horse race in the flat race season?

The English Grand National, not a flat race but it's run in the flat season, making it the longest race in the flat race season.

What is the race called where you swim run and bike?

The Olympic triathlon consists of a 1.5 kilometer swim, followed by a 40km bike ride, and then a 10km run. After a mass start, the race remains continuous, with no stops in between the three legs. Therefore, fast transitions between legs are critical to a good race performance.*

Longest horse race in triple crown?

The longest race in the triple crown is the Belmont at a mile and a half.

The future tense of swim?

will future -- I will swim in the harbour race next Saturday going to -- I am going to swim as hard as I can be + present participle -- I am swimming in the race next week.

What is the longest official race on foot?

The Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race is the world's longest certified footrace.

What bird can swim underwater the longest?


Will jessica pengelly swim in 2012 Olympics?


What other swim events are there besides the Olympics?

Various swim meets take place

What is the longest race a musher has made?

The Great Serum Race

How many meters is the longest event for speed skating?

Not in the Olympics, but in some competitions you can skate as long as marathons! But in the Olympics, the longest distance is 3000m

When swimming in a race do you swim the length or the width?

You usually swim the length not the width.

What did Jenny Thompson nomally swim in a race?

she usually was too fat to swim