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What is the longest and shortest day in 2008?


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December 13, 2009 9:17PM

The longest day is June 20 2008 and the shortest is December 21 2008 for the northern Hemisphere. The opposite applies for the southern Hemisphere. This is true for DAYLIGHT, however, if you live in an area that observes Daylight Savings time, the longest day would be November 2, 2008 (25 hours), and the shortest would be March 9, 2008 (23 hours.) The last paragraph is a ridicuous answer. 1. It the change between daylight time and non daylight time only causes a change in hours on the clock, the physical hours stay the same. 2. It is common knowledge that "shortest day" or "longest day" refers to daylight hours (As in day time and night time) as the hours in a day are constant. 3. The date provided are meaningless as every region that observes daylight times begins and ends the period at different times of the year. 4. The dates have no provision for the difference between the northern and southern hemisphere. The first answer is the correct response.