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What is the longest river in India?


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August 19, 2014 10:40AM

The Indus River
Ganga is the longest river of India. The total length of the Ganga river from its source to its mouth (measured along the Hughli) is 2525 km of which 1450 km is in the Uttar Pradesh, 445 km in Bihar and 520 km in West Bengal. The remaining 110 km stretch of the Ganga forms the boundary between Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The longest river in India is Ganges. It is also known as the Ganga. The Hindus consider this river to be holy. It forms the largest delta in the world, this delta is known as Sunderban.
The longest river of India is the Indus River, which is 3,200 kilometers long. The second longest river is the Brahmaputra River at 2,900 kilometers.