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The longest song is still being played in a church in Germany. It is called Organ2 (2 meaning "squared") by the artist John Cage and is 639 years long.

The longest song is "The Song That Never Ends' By The all mighty Lamb Chop.

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What is the longest led zepplin song?

The longest song on a studio album is In My Time Of Dying from Physical Graffiti but the longest live song is No Quarter from Destroyer.

How long is the longest long ever longest on the longest long?

The longest song ever in the USA was 75 minutes

What is the longest song on charts?

Adele's longest song is Set Fire to the Rain and Rumour has it

What is the longest song ever made?

The longest song ever made is The Devil Glitch by Chris Butler. This song holds the world record for the longest song made with a run time of 69 minutes.

What is Michael Jackson's longest running number one song?

thriller. it was the longest running song.

What is Panic! at the Disco's longest song?

Their longest song, written by Panic! at the Disco, is When the Day Met the Night, their longest cover song is Bohemian Rhapsody, originally written by Queen.

What is the longest song ever?

The longest song is "Devil Glitch" by Chris Butler. 69 minutes long.

What is the name of the longest song ever?

The longest song in the world currently is "Olitsky" it is just a theoretical song but it is 1.6 MILLION years long

What is A7X's longest song?

The song Save Me off of the album Nightmare is A7X's longest song to date, being about 11 minutes long.

What is the longest song A7X has?

As of 2014, their longest song is Save Me off of the album Nightmare. The song is 10 minutes and 56 seconds long.

What is slipknots longest song?

Some people may think that scissors is their longest song but the actual song is only about 9 minutes with a 6 minute silence and then the song eeyore plays. their longest song is Iowa which runs at just over 15 minutes.

When was The Longest Whale Song - novel - created?

The Longest Whale Song - novel - was created in 2010.

How long is the longest song ever?

The longest song ever in the USA was 75 minutes!!!Actually the longest song in the USA was Choke and Ache, wich was 4 hours and 34 min. long!~ Ger34

How long is the longest pop song?

The longest song ever recorded is Longplayer, it has been recording for over 11 years...

What song took the longest to write?

a really long song

Is bye bye this American pie the longest song in rock history?

yes this question is the longest song in U.s history. The song lasts 6 minutes.

What is the longest song by The Doors?

"Celebration Of The Lizard" is the longest I know, at 17:02.

What is JLS'S Longest song?

Close To You.

What is the longest song on Taylor Swifts album speak now?

The longest song on this album is "Dear John", running 6:43.

What is the longest humpback whale song ever recorded?

the humpback song

What is the longest rock and roll song?

The longest rock and roll song is In-A-Gowda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. The song has a run time of just over 17 minutes.

What is Justin Bieber longest song?

The longest song ever written by Justin Bieber is either "Favorite Girl" or "Never Let you go".

What are the longest R and B songs recorded?

The longest rnb song is MJ Thriller

What song is he longest?

The longest song I have ever heard of is a song that is supposed to last for 1000 years. But that is just a machine making the song. The longest song is recorded by Bull of Heaven and it lasted 6 years. I'm not sure what it is called though. Another very long song is Metropolis by Dream Theater. It is divided into two parts. Part one is a 9 minute and 32 second song. Part two is 77 minutes and 6 seconds long. This is the longest song that I know of, but part one is on a different album.

What is the longest disco song?

McArthur Park

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