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5 hours 40 minutes 17

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Answer: 24 hours 15 minutes 55 seconds

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Q: What is the longest time for keeping your eyes closed?
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What is the world record for longest time keeping eyes open?

there isn't 1 that i know of but i have kept mine open for 3 hours the longest was 20 days and 18 hours

Can blindness be caused by keeping your eyes closed for long periods of time?

No, otherwise we'd all be blind because we all sleep!!

Why does the world go away every time eyes are closed?

It doesn't.

Can a hamster die with its eyes closed?

Yes. Most of the time they will die with eyes open. This is sad when this happens.

Why do blind people keep their eyes open?

well, if they closed there eyes all the time they would not be able to see.

Would the universe disappear if you all closed your eyes at the same time?

Uhh... no

What is the longest time a person stayed on facebook?

its 264 hours (about 11 days) its not the longest time a person stayed on facebook. its the longest time person stayed awake. both of them are same. may be little varition can encounter because of the strain in the eyes...

What is the longest time keeping a ping pong ball off the ground?

there is one on me bedside table. been there for about 2 years

Why do Alzheimers patients keep their eyes closed all the time?

I have heard that it is a defense mechanism to shut out the confusion.

Why does Brock from Pokemon keep his eyes closed?

Probably because he gets sprayed with mace all the time.

How long after baby kittens are born will there eyes open?

There is no set time as far as I know, but they usually open their eyes within 2 weeks of birth. We had our kittens when they were a week old, and their eyes were closed for a short time longer.

When was The Longest Time created?

The Longest Time was created in 1983.

Do eyes stay open after death?

I've heard they can fall open because of gravity that's why mortitions sew them shut. When a person dies, all of their muscles relax. If the eyes are open at the moment of death, they will usually stay that way. Also, if someone had their eyes closed at the moment of death, they will tend to open a short time later due to the relaxation of the muscles that open and close the eyes. This isn't always the case, but for the majority of people, the eyes will be open. Morticians do not sew the eyes shut. The old fashioned way was to take some cotton and place it under the eyelids. This kept them shut and gave them shape, as the eyes tend to sink back into the sockets after death. The current method of keeping the eyes closed is to use what are called eye caps. They have little grippers on one side, and are smooth on the other. The grippers keep the lids closed.

Why do newborn puppies have to keep their eyes closed?

because they need time for they're eyes to begin to form black and white vision in the inside then in about 15 days the eys are opened!

What damage is caused by prying a newborn kittens eyes open?

Oh please don't do that!! The eyes must remain closed until they are fully developed, at which time they will open on their own.

Are the solstices the shortest and longest days of the year?

Yes but interestingly enough they are not the days when the Sun rises or sets the earliest or latest!y by our time keeping!

What is the longest division in geologic time?

The longest division in geologic time is PRECAMBRIAN TIME!

When was Keeping Time created?

Keeping Time was created in 1978-05.

What animal stands on its feet for the longest time?

what animal can stand the longest time

What is the longest subdivision of geologic time?

The longest subdivision of geologic time are the eons.

What is the longest time on a ripstik?

There is no actual record for the longest consecutive time on a ripstik.

What is the Longest time for jumping on a trampoline?

the longest time is 23 hours

Could you give the advantages of closing eyes during Christian prayers?

One advantage to having your eyes closed is that is helps you to concentrate. Prayer is a time to converse with God. By closing your eyes, you are physically shutting out the distractions of the world that will make it difficult to concentrate.

When do new born bunnies open their eyes?

Newborn rabbits are born naked, with their eyes closed and the ears laid back. They grow their fur by about a week and open their eyes by about 10 days old. By this time their ears should also be erect and mobile.

Do goldfish sleep with their eyes open?

goldfish sleep with their eye open their eye are open all the time. Gold fish sleep with there eyes open...But they have a clear lid that over laps there eyes in which they see out of so there eyes are closed they just have a different lid then humans. Hope that helps you:)