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What is the longitude of Houston?

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95o 21' 47" W, at its center.

But Houston is a very large city, whose developed area covers almost half a degree of longitude. The width of the area surrounded by the outer beltway (Highway 8) is 30 miles and ranges in longitude from 95o 09' to 95o 34'.

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Latitude and longitude of houston?

The latitude and longitude of Houston, Texas is 29.7628 degrees N, 95.3831 degrees W. Houston is the most populated city in the state of Texas.

What is the latitude and longitude of Houston TEXAS?

Houston is located at the following: 29° 45' North (Latitude). 95° 22' West (Longitude).

What is the latitude and longitude of North Dakota- Houston?

Latitude and longitude of Houston, Texas.Latitude: 29°45′46″NLongitude: 95°22′59″WIf you meant the latitude and longitude of North Dakota, please refer to the related question below.

What is the longitude and latitude for Houston TX 77030?

94:54 W Longitude 29:23 N Latitude

What is the latitude and Longitude of Houston?

The George R. Brown Convention Center on Rte-59near downtown Houston is located at29° 45' 08" north latitude95° 21' 29" west longitude

What city is located 95 degrees west longitude and 30 degrees north latitude?


What is the longitude and latitude of houston?

The center of Reliant Astrodome in Houston TX is located at 29.68485° north latitude 95.40772° west longitude. But the center of the pitcher's mound at Minute Maid is located at 29.75684° north latitude 95.35541° west longitude. Other places in town will have different coordinates.

What is Dallas Texas longitude and latitude?

The longitude and latitude of Dallas, Texas is 32º 80' N, 96º 76' W. It is the second largest city in Texas following Houston.

Where is Ridgecrest elementary school longitude and latitude?

Which one? Shoreline, WA? Cottonwood Heights, UT? Ridgecrest, FL? Houston, TX, Puallup, WA?

What city is located 95 degrees west longitude 30 degrees north latitude?

95 W 30 N is Houston, Texas. USA.

Using Houston Texas as a starting point where would halfway around the world be if you headed due East?

The latitude and longitude of Houston, Texas are 29.97N, 95.35W, respectively. So halfway would be 29.97N, 84.65E which would be north of Bharatpur, Napal in the Chinese countryside.

what are the longitude and longitude of brazil?

14.2350ยฐ S, 51.9253ยฐ W

Is there a sentence for longitude?

A phrase for longitude is "meridian of longitude."

Which city is nearest 6 degrees north latitude and 10 degrees west longitude?

about how far is Seattle, Washington, from Houston, Texas?

What state is located at 33 N latitude and 112 W longitude?


Do you capitalize 'longitude'?

No. Longitude is a common noun and does not require capitalization.

Latitufe and longitude?

this question is wrong. this was "latitude and longitude" not "Latitufe and longitude".

What is the longitude and latitude of downtown Houston Texas please?

-- The center of the intersection of Bagby St and McKinney St, near the south corner of City Hall, is located at 29.7601° north latitude 95.3701° west longitude. -- The center of the intersection of Jefferson St. and Smith St, near the Crowne Plaza, is located at 29.7531° north latitude 95.3731° west longitude. -- The Center of the pitcher's mound at Minute Maid Park is located at 29.7568° north latitude 95.3554° west longitude. -- The rotating beacon on top of the Williams Tower is located at 29.7372° north latitude 95.4613° west longitude.

Sentence for longitude?

A sentence for a longitude can be, "When you know the longitude in your location, you can tell the time easily." The main longitude is the Greenwich Meridian.

What does longitude mmean?

you find a location with latitude and longitude. longitude is east and West.

What latitude and longitude is wauwatosa?


What is France's longitude?

5 longitude

What are the antonyms of 'longitude'?


How do you spell longitude?

Longitude is correct.

Is the International Date line a line of longitude?

no, it's two lines of longitude. 180 degrees longitude and 0 degrees longitude.