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The healthiest chip is the Blue Corn Chip. I buy the house brand from Target - Archer Farms Blue Corn Chips. I'm not sure if they are the lowest calorie chip or not, though, but they are healthy. (Then, I run over to Walmart and buy some Taco Bell salsa.)

2008-02-04 04:01:57
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What is te lowest calorie bread?

While there may be others, the lowest I have seen in the common food market (found at most grocery stores or easily bought online) is Peppridge Farm Light Breads. They range from 40 to 50 calories a slice, and have different kinds like High Fiber and Multi-Grain.

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50 years ago grocery stores were smaller and there were no supercenters like there are today. There were less convenience and processed foods and no microwave foods (Microwaves were not invented yet.) Frozen dinners were just becoming popular 50 years ago. Calorie lists were not posted in grocery stores and there were no self-checkouts. At most grociery stores, bag boys took groceries to the car and put them in the car for customers. Grocery stores did not have pharmacies. Organic foods were not as available in grocery stores like they are today and the variety of fruits and vegetables was not as vast. Bags used were paper, not plastic.

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