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they should charge just enough but not too much

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Q: What is the lowest price that a company should charge its customers?
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Can a company charge your credit card without permission?

No, a company can not charge a credit card without permission. This violation should be reported immediately to your credit card company.

Should a company become a customer-focused business Why or why not?

Most businesses should be customer-centered because it will help them attract loyal customers. With loyal customers, they can maximize their profits for their shareholders.

Which insurance company offer the lowest rate for uninsured motorist insurance?

If you are wondering which insurance company offers the lowest rate for uninsured motorist insurance because your neighbor is planning to move to Ohio, then you should try Geico.

How much can an auto body shop charge for repairs if you don't have insurance?

Their hourly rate should be posted for the customers to see.

A company is developing an Internet store for its website Which protocol should be used to transfer credit card information from customers to the company web server?


Why customer service should meet or exceed customer expectations?

The reason Customer Service should exceed customer expectations is because customers are the steps on the ladder, without customers where would a company be, you need to treat customers with respect and provide multiple options to keep them happy. ____________

How much should you charge for dog-sitting in US?

This will depend greatly on where you live and what the going rate is in your area. Go online and search for other pet sitters in your area to see what they are charge and be competitive with their rates. You do not need to be the lowest just b/c you are new. Many times, the lowest is not the best. Charge what you feel your time is worth.

Johnson Johnsons company credo designed to guide managers in making decisions State that the firms top responsibility is to customers Should all business make customers their priority?


What essential characteristics does a Cashier need to have?

A cashier should be friendly and have the ability to multi task. They should also love interacting with customers and should be knowledgeable of the products that their company sells.

What makes some companies more profitable than OTHER?

A company that can develop new and improved products, attract many customers, use their resources more productively to reduce their operations costs will have the highest profitability. I think this means that a company should sell a good product that will attract more customers and do it at a cheaper cost.

Can your old Doctor charge you to transfer your medical records to your new Doctor?

Sometimes, but you have to be to another company. Unless it is the same company, than it should be free.

What does an employer want to hear if they ask what you consider to be most important when working with customers?

I believe providing a "quality customer service" is the most important factor, that an employee should consider when working with customers. There is business because there are customers. Employees are the representatives of the company. If employees will serve the customers right, they are building good relationships to the company's customers. If they did not serve the customers well, they are pushing away the customers.

Should I let my customers know my other customers' name?

You should not talk about a customer to another customer at all...No! even though it is very unprofessional no names should be mentioned

Should you pay to download music or movie. Why or why not?

no, because we are paying for the company that is in charge of the music/movie downloads.

How much should an accountant charge for a very small company with one employee?

£500 plus Vat-ish

Can a ac company charge you a service fee if no service was performed?

Depends on where you live. In the UK a company can charge a 'call out' fee, but not a 'service charge' if no service was performed. However, this should be stated by them when you made the appointment. If you live in the UK you can approach the Citizens' Advice Bureau regarding the legality - take the bill.

Data protection act 1998 company requirements how do i word it?

Its all about the safety for your customers and their data, if you have to ask any information from customers, you have to make sure that their information must not leaked out to anyone , their safety should be your priority..

Why should you beware of Classic Closeouts?

You should be wary of Classic Closeouts because they have been known to misrepresent themselves to customers. They have also been known to charge unauthorized payments on people's credit cards.

Why should you gift customers?

You should give gifts to customers, because if you don't they won't like you as much.

How much does Google charge for Search Engine Optimization?

Search Optimization, similar to insurance or a automobile, cannot be assigned a straight price. The amount paid depends on the quality of service, the size of the website, and how long the business is to continue the optimization. Interested customers should get a quote from the company they plan to use.

How much should you charge for watering plants?

it depends how long you water them 1 hour maybe40 bucks or 20 how low the lowest is 20 hope i helped u!

Should I cater this party?

It would cost you more in strees trying to find the cheapest company. I think that most companies charge 20 to 30 dollars a person. You have to calculate how much you usually spend on the food you make compared to what the company would charge.

Is a cosworth engine a lotus product?

No. Cosworth is an independent engineering firm that provides solutions for should give you a in depth mean of the company

How much do you pay to make your own website?

you should pay the charge for domain and server.. some companies providing free domain when purchase server space others wise-versa . designing charge as per the designing company in India domain charge should be 500- 700 rs

How much can a small business charge to winterize a home?

You should set a price based on the expectations of the customers and the level your competition provides. You also need to decide if you want your driver to be differentiation (you can charge more) or price (starting with a low price).