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What is the main action of the triceps?


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To extend the forearm at the elbow and extend the arm at the shoulder.


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The triceps brachii is the antagonist to elbow flexion. The main movement of the triceps is extension of the elbow. When you perform elbow flexion, the triceps brachii opposes the action of the biceps brachii. This is done to help with muscle control.

The triceps brachii extends, or straightens, the arm by contracting.

The biceps and triceps. When the biceps contract, the triceps relax. If you can flex it, there's an opposite action happening somewhere.

Assists the triceps brachii in extension of the elbow

To straighten the arm at the elbow.

the triceps is an extensor of your lower arm, so his antagonist in the muscle who's primary action is flexing, that is the biceps.Brachialis and biceps brachiiBiceps Brachii

qwads back triceps gucesemus maximus

Yes they do. As they oppose the action of the other, they are referred to as "an antagonistic pair of muscles".

It is a muscle that opposes the action of another. The biceps and the triceps are an antagonistic pair of muscles.

The bodybuilders triceps were very large.

When your triceps contract, they get shorter, and their insertion on the elbow (olecranon) is pulled closer to its origin on the scapula, so it will have the action of extending the elbow joint. This will make your lower arm straighten out.

disease of the triceps tendon

Triceps, forceps. triceps

A antagonist muscle is a muscle that opposes the action of another muscle. The Triceps Brachii is the antagonist of the Biceps Brachii.

Supinator. Also, as pronator teres also contributes to flexion of the elbow, that action is antagonized by the triceps.

the biceps and triceps, abdominals, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and gastrocnemeius

The Heart, the tongue, biceps, triceps, gluteous maximus and the bones deltoids

Triceps muscle has got medial head, lateral head and long head. Long head has got the origin from the infraglenoid tubercle. That means, when you contract the triceps muscle, long head gets support from the scapula bone. That gives additional support for the muscle to do the the action of extension on the elbow joint.

I don't believe that triceps curl is the correct term, as the triceps serve to extend the elbow joint rather than flex it. Triceps extensions, on the other hand, are generally used to train the triceps group, but they also benefit a rather small muscle, located almost on the elbow, called the anconeus. The function of the anconeus is to assist the main elbow extensors, the triceps, and to stabilize the elbow when the arm is straight.

biceps and triceps are located on the arm. biceps are on the upper arm and the triceps on the lower arm

There are five muscles worked when doing a triceps extension. The main muscle is, obviously, the triceps. Secondary muscles that are worked are the deltoid, pectorals major, latissimus dorsi, and teres major.

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