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What is the main body of the constitution?


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The main body of the Constitution are the Amendments.


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No, it is not. It is an introduction to the main body of the Constitution.

the main function of the constitution is to establish the framework for our government.

Besides the main body of the constitution, which consists of seven articles, there is also the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights consists of the first ten amendments to the Constitution, enabling it to be passed.

The preamble of the Indian constitution focuses on the main objectives of the constitution. There are four main objectives. They are equality, liberty, fraternity, and justice.

The Framers of the Constitution are the main supporters/writers of the constitution

The only federal officials who serve a 2-year as representatives to the House. Their term is set in main body of the Constitution and is the same as it was when the Constitution was ratified.

a. to make an opening statement b. to define responsibilities of citizenship c. to define the goals of the Constitution d. to establish the framework of government

Which is the main purpose of the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution

the main provision of the Australian constitution are Taxes,Defence,Trade,Commerce

The main Provisions of the Australian constitution are:TaxesDefenseTradesCommerce

The main parts of the Illinois constitution are referred to as articles. The current version of the state's constitution was adopted in 1970.

there are np main parts to the constitution.

The answer is the constitution. The constitution is the body of laws that every body agrees the obey

The courts are created using a legal procedure which is guided by the constitution. The Congress is the main body involved in the creation of the courts.

There are three main parts to the US Constitution. They are known as the Preamble, the Articles, and the Amendments.

The constitution of Moldova is now in revision.

John Adams is the main author of the Massachusetts Constitution, which all other 13 colonies based their own Constitution on.

James Madison was the main writer of the United States Constitution. He was the fourth president of the United States.

The preamble of the Constitution is the explanation of what the Constitution is about and tells the main points of it.

The main topics of the U.S. Constitution, such as those which describe the branches of government are called the ARTICLES of the Constitution.

The main argument used by Antifederalists against the Constitution was that the Constitution would take away the rights that were won in the American Revolution.

Yes. The second amendment to the constitution is in the constitution as is every other amendment to the constitution. The people have the right to possess firearms. On the other hand, the main body of the constitution gives congress the right to determine the rules concerning the possession of firearms and the training the people for their possession. The states also have their responsibilities. This current chaos does not come from a strict construction of the constitution.

Yes, James Madison was the main author of the Constitution. He also was the main author of the Bill of Rights.

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