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Q: What is the main concept of Vatican II about the Church?
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Did people leave the Church because of Vatican II?

Yes, people left the Church when the mandates of Vatican II began to be implemented. Even today people are leaving as they see what Vatican II has done to the Church. Originally, Vatican II was a good idea. However, some bishops have gone overboard and are trying to turn the Catholic Church to little more than another Protestant denomination.

What movement reformed the Roman Catholic church?

Vatican II.

When did the catholic church start saying mass in English?

After the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II).

What was going on in the church when Paul VI was the pope?

Vatican Council II

What was the event that modernized the Roman Catholic Church?

The Roman Catholic Church was modernized by Vatican II.

Why was the Vatican II set up?

The council addressed issues of modernizing the church.

What language did the Second Vatican Council change in the Catholic church?

The language of the Church is Latin. Vatican II changed the Mass to be in the language of the people of the country. Latin remains the universal language of the church.

What has the author Gilles Routhier written?

Gilles Routhier has written: 'Vatican II' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, History, Influence, Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965) 'Receptins De Vatican II'

Who wrote the Catechism of the Catholic Church and where did it come from?

the Vatican- Pope John Paul II

When did the catholic church start English masses in th United States?

After Vatican II

How did the Vatican Council II help the Roman Church to grow?

We are still waiting for this to happen. It usually takes decades to fully implement a Council, and this hasn't yet happened with Vatican II.

Which council was begun by Pope John XXIII to renew the life and mission of the Church?

Vatican II

Which pope started the Church reform called Vatican II?

Pope John XXIII called the council.

Is Reconciliation the same as Confession in the Catholic Church?

Yes, Reconciliation is the post Vatican II term for Confession.

What is one doctrine that came from Vatican Council II?

There were exactly no doctrines defined at the Second Vatican Council. The Second Vatican Council was the first purely pastoral council ever held in the Church.

What changes happened in the Catholic Church due to Vatican II?

There were many changes in the church for help go love stacy xoox

Who closed Vatican Council II?

Pope Paul VI closed Vatican II.

When and where was Vatican II held?

Vatican Council II (1962 - 1965) was held in Vatican City located in Rome, Italy.

Where did Vatican ii take place?

Vatican II took place inside Vatican City, which is a sovereign state, in the middle of Rome.

Who was the pope who convened Vatican Council II?

Vatican II was called by Pope John XXIII.

Is the Vatican II the Same as the 2nd Vatican council?


How long did Vatican II last?

Vatican II lasted approximately 3 years: 1962-1965.

What was the difference between Vatican I and Vatican II?

Vatican 1 was a dogmatic council and specifically addressed papal infallibility. Vatican II was a pastoral council (no dogma defined, no infallible teachings).

Where was the 1962-65 Vatican held?

In Vatican City, thus the name Vatican Council II.

What is a name for the last church council?

The last church council was Vatican II, convened (called together) by Pope John XXIII, and held on October 11, 1962.