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A mature sporophyte produces the spores. Likewise a mature gametophyte produces the gametes. The life cycle of the plant is completed by the alternation of these two generations.

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Which stage is the main stage of moss sporophyte or gametophyte?

Gametophyte is the main stage in moss and sporophyte is dependent on gametophyte.

Do sepals protect the mature flower?

no the main function is to cover and protect the immature flower

How have the sporophyte and gametophyte changed as plants have evolved?

The gametophyte has become smaller, and the sporophyte has become larger. To begin with main plant body was gametophytic and sporophyte was dependent on it. Later on, as the evolution progressed, both gametophyte and sporophyte became independent and ultimatly gametophyte became dependent on sporophyte.

What is the main plant of gymnosperms?

When you see a pine tree, or a spruce, or a cone-bearing shrub, the "main plant" is a sporophyte

What is the main function of the mature gametophyte?

to make gametes and to grow the sporeophyte (in angiosperms). in lower plants the gametophyte is grown from the sporeophyte.

Which structures represents the sporophyte stage of the bryophytes?

The sporophyte stage of bryophytes is the stalk that arises from the main plant body of a moss plant. The other sporophytes represent the same thing in other plants.

Gametophyte and sporophyte?

Gametophyte-haploid Sporophyte-diploid

What does it mean when a gametophyte is dominant over a dependent sporophyte?

The main plant body is gametophytic as in case of Bryophytes

What is the function of female puberty?

The function of both male and female puberty is to sexually mature

Does gametophyte generation depends on sporophyte generation in ferns?

it does not depending on the sporophyte generation, in fact the sporophyte itself that depending on the gametophyte generation -kayo93-

Function of epididymis?

to store the sperm and let them mature.

What generation is dominant in both gymnosperms and angiosperms?

gymnosperm- sporophyte angiosperm- sporophyte

What is an example of a sporophyte?

Three examples of a sporophyte are Polypodium, mosses, and a pine tree.

Why does the sporophyte of mosses remain attached to the gametophyte?

Because the sporophyte grows out of the gametophyte.

What is the function of meiosis in the life cycle of a fern?

the life cycle of a fern begins when a fertilized egg, or zygote, grows into a new sporophyte.

What is the function of bacteriophage?

i think it is the main functiion is the main function!

What are the eyes main function?

To see. Vision is the main function.

What is the eyes main function?

To see. Vision is the main function.

What is the function of marine main engine?

Main propulsion is the function of the marine main engine.

What is the use of main function in C programming?

main function is the function which comes under user defined function through which we can execute a program .That means without main function we cann't execute a programThough main function is the user defined function but it has the highest priority to execute a program.But we can execute a function without main by using the macro #pragma

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