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Extrensic proteins are proteins withing the cytoplasmic membrane that aid in the transport of nutrients into the cell and waste out of the cell.

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Q: What is the main function of extrinsic protein in plasma membrane?
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A phospholipid bilayer with intrinsic and extrinsic protein molecules?

the cell membrane ( plasma membrane)

Is membrane permeability a major function of the plasma protein in the blood?

yes, cell membranes are semipermeable.

What is pore protein?

integral protein that embedded to the plasma membrane. Allow small substances to cross the plasma membrane.

Many plasma protein may function as?

many plasma protein may function as

Does plasma membrane manufacture protein?


Protein in the plasma membrane not so?

What is not true about protein in the plasma membrane? Glycoproteins contain carbohydrate chains that are oriented toward the inner surface of the membrane

What is the function of carbohydrate chains in the plasma membrane?

Provides energy for the plasma membrane.

What protein acts as a microvilli stiffener in the plasma membrane?

Integral protein. They wedge themselves into the phospholipids that make up part of the plasma membrane. The other type of protein is peripheral protein but it sits on the outside of the membrane.

Function of plasma membrane in an animal cell?

The plasma membrane is the outer layer of the cell.

What is the important function of oligosaccharides in plasma membrane?

Enable cell recogination and attached to globular protein to form glycoproteins

The plasma membrance of a cell consists of?

The plasma membrane consists of a phospholipid bilayer that contains proteins. There are four types of proteins in the plasma membrane - structural protein, receptor protein, transport protein and glycoprotien.

What is the function of the cholesteral in the plasma membrane?

alter membrane fluidity

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