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anywhere theres land: sand, dirt, snow.

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What is horse habitat?


What is the habitat of the American Quarter Horse?

The habitat of the Quarter horse is in barns, pastures, and open meadows.

What is the shire horse habitat?

The shire horse does not have a habitat in the wild. Its habitat is captivity. The shire horse originated in England. The largest shire ever recorded weighed 1.5 tons.

What type of habitat does a quarter horse live in?

A Quarter Horse lives in whatever habitat its owner leaves it in.

What is the habitat of a quarter horse?

Cool TemperateA quarter horse's habitat is no diffrent than any other wild horse or tamed, or it depends on the horse.

What is the rocky mountain horses habitat?

A Rocky Mountain horses main habitat is just like any other horse in the United States. They are mainly used for trail riding and herding cattle.

What is the habitat of the mustang horse?


What is a donkeys habitat?

inside a horse

Habitat of a horse?

big fields

Describe a habitat of horse?

A Stable

What is a good horses habitat?

a good horse habitat is a farm or grassy hill

What is the panda's main habitat?

Bamboo forests of China are the main habitat of the giant panda.

Where is the habitat of a horse?

A Horse is a type of zebra with out the stripes it has the same family belonging to a zebra

What is the habitat of the wild horse?

they are gay in the wrong way

How do a horse survive in it's habitat?

They eat stuff

What is przwalski wild horse habitat?

Mountains of mongolia

What is a micro habitat?

a micro habitat is a small habitat inside the main habitat e.g a rotting log inside a woodland

What is the habitat of a American paint horse?

The habitat of an American Paint horse is an open field or sometimes even a barn. I might have an owner and sometime they run free in the world.

What animal eats horse?

If the horse is dead then a vulture will eat it, nothing in a horse's natural habitat that is animal will eat a horse.

Where is the habitat of a horse called standardbred horse?

in a barn. they are domestic, not feral or wild. If you mean on Horse isle 2 then plains

Who is the main character in War Horse?

The main 'character' is the horse, Joey. The main human character is Albert.

What are horses main habitat?

The main habitat for horses is in ranches in Galveston County, Texas and some woods in some countries.

What is the main features of a giraffes habitat?

HABITATArid and dry savanna with trees.

What is a blowfish's habitat?

The blowfishs main habitat is that of the Tropical Ocean or The Temperate Ocean

Where is the Przwalski's Horse habitat?

The Przewalski's Horse is native to the steppes of central Asia, spcecifically China and Mongolia.

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