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Some have one twin filament bulb each side for both dip and main beam.Some have two separate bulbs each side,they will be halogen whatever.Suggest you remove the wiring conector from the faulty one,then the rubber cover and unclip the bulb.You can then get a replacement at any local motor shop.Do not touch the glass envelope of the new one with bare fingers.

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Q: What is the main head light bulb needed for p reg vauxhall vectra?
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Headlight bulb on Vauxhall vectra 2007?

How do I change the nearside headlight bulb on my Vauxhall Vectra 2007

What does the light bulb with an exclamation mark mean when it comes up on a vauxhall vectra?

it m eans that either a bulb has blown or there is a fault on the lighting circuit

What bulb does a 1998 vauxhall vectra have for the low beam?


Which bulb has gone on vauxhall vectra 1999?

What is the name of my great uncle?

How do you change the bulb in the dashboard of a 1998 Vauxhall Vectra?

you can have a complete walkthrough how to with photos on

How do you replace bulbs in a 07 vauxhall vectra?

Exact instructions vary depending on the bulb in question.

Nearside headlight does not work fuse and bulb ok on vauxhall vectra?

check the wires and switch and maybe relay

How do you turn the service light off in your vauxhall vectra?

Remove the bulb. Joking aside, it depends how modern it is. Some newer cars need resetting with a computer at the service centre to indicate a service has been performed. More details on your car is needed.

How do you change a light bulb on clock facia panel on vauxhall vectra?

take trim off dash pulls of ,4 screws behind.mybe 3 bulds check an push trim back on

How do you change park light bulb astra?

how do you change a parking light bulb on a vauxhall astra 06 plate please.

How do you change a number plate light bulb on vauxhall astra?

Prise the holder out of the bumper, then the bulb is accessible

What are 3 things needed to light a light bulb?

Battery, light bulb and switch

Your vauxhall vectra warning light that looks like a light bulb with an exclamation mark through it has been coming on what is this and how can you get rid of it?

Typically this bulb serves 2 purposes: 1) low hydraulic level in braking system reservoir or 2) faulty handbrake switch (handbrake still on) Pls check them both and feedback.

How do you replace the parking light on a vectra?

To replace the parking light on a Vectra you need to lift the relay box which rests between the battery and light. Then, pull the three pin bulb out and put a new one in its place.

How do you change front light bulb on vectra 2006 1800 petrol?

go to halfords they'll do it for you,

How do you change head light bulb on a vauxhall vivaro?

front ones twist and pull

What is needed to light a bulb?

a person

How do you change the dashboard bulb on a vauxhall omega?

To change the dashboard bulb on a Vauxhall Omega, unscrew the fittings of the dashboard. Twist off the dashboard bulb and replace with new bulb.

Vauxhall Vectra 2001 mileage gauge is not lit up any more how can you fix this?

remove trim around clocks, remove clocks, replace bulb in back. hope this helps

How much power is needed to power a light bulb in a simple circuit?

You answer is on the light bulb. Watts is the same as power.

Is the headlamp on a vauxhall astra a sealed beam or a bulb?


What materials are needed to light a bulb in a circuit?

batteries, wire, connectors, and light bulbs

How many batteries does it take to light a 60 watt light bulb?

To answer this question as it stands the voltage of the batteries is needed and the rated voltage of the bulb.

What would not be needed in the conducting loop in order to light a bulb - a positive terminal of battery - a switch - a negative terminal of battery - or a bulb?

The switch is not needed.

What is the license plate light bulb needed for a 2001 Chev Silverado?

It takes a # 194 mini bulb.

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