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What is the main reason people become homeless?

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it is normally the case of a strong uncontrollable dioreah.

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Are people the main reason that animals and plants become extinct?


How did homeless people loose their homes?

It is different for a lot of homeless people, but one of the main reasons is not being able to afford their house.

What is the main reoson that people are homeless in Detroit?

not enugh money$$$$$$$$$$$

What is the main reason for people becoming homeless?

The main reason that people become homeless is because they no longer have a home. The reasons as to "why they not longer have a home" are vast and varied including lay-off, staff reductions, terminations, various dependencies such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping - mismanagement of funds, foreclosures, poverty, eroding work opportunities, decline in public assistance, lack of affordable housing, domestic violence, lack of affordable health care, mental illness, etc... This is a very complex issue and unfortunately there are no easy answers.

Whats the main drug homeless people use?

used cigaretts

What are two main reasons why people are homeless in the US?

drugs and alcohol

Is loss of habitat the main reason animals become endangered?

It depends on the animal. If it is being hunted for food or animal parts then that may be the main reason. If it is not hunted, then loss of habitat will be the main reason animals become endangered.

What the reason why people are smoking?

Most people that take marijuana are teenagers aged 12-18 years. The main reason why they take marijuana is because of curiosity and eventually become addicted to it.

What is the main reason why the reason why people immigrated?

a famine

What is the main reason people don't accept gay people?

The main reason is most likely relious-based bigotry.

Best reason for being a Nurse?

The main reasons that people will become nurses is that they love taking care of people. You have to be caring and compassionate to be a good nurse.

How many homeless people are there in Africa?

2400,000 was recorded in 2010 in the main cities of Africa.

What are the main components of quality health care and why?

the main components are Homeless people and violence thats in the world people with no insurance and hosipital putting patients out

What is the main reason most species become endargered?

Humans.. mostly

What is the main reason that people are living?

to survive

What is the main reason people smoke?


What is the main reason people use internet?


What is the main reason why people get ill?

Unclean environments.

What was the main reason for slavery in the south?

people are lazy

Are homeless people crazy?

Some may be. That is not really a determining factor though. Homeless people are individuals that have missed out on certain social skills that keep them in the main stream of society. To become truly homeless one must refuse to accept work, refuse to accept public housing (often because of rules that they disagree with) and they must refuse the shelters that are available. These decisions may be caused due to drug use, mental retardation, or just plain anti social. Often you will find very intelligent people have become homeless. Even family's have become homeless due to the social issues of the parents. Joblessness never causes homelessness in the United States. We have systems in place to allow income for long periods of time. We have social systems in place that provide housing well before this income would be gone. Refusing to accept another job may cause a homeless issue. If individuals refuse to leave areas that have no jobs and do not accept housing, they become homeless. Again, this is a failure to accept society norms. Should we have sympathy for these people? Yes! Even more so for the children they put through their issues. Is this an avoidable issue? Most of the time yes, but certainly not always. Each homeless person does have one thing in common though. For what ever reason, they have not been able to accept the normal rolls of their society.

What was the main reason for settling Georgia?

The main reason for people settling in Georgia was because it was land that had many resources. There were many people that harvested silk and thought that this would be lucrative.

What is the main reason people hunt whales?

for clothes and food

What is the main reason people leave Cuba?

its not a cool place

What is the main reason for people to start smoking?

Because they enjoy it.

What was the main reason for Harvard college?

so people can learn

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