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What is the main religion of North Africa?


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The main religion is Islam.


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It's our religion that we believe in , Egypt and some countries in north Africa main religion is Islam , however its not the only religion in the country .

It's the major religion of North Africa.

The most common religion in North Africa is Islam.

Islam is the major religion in north Africa and southwest Asia.

The Dominant Religion in North Africa is Muslim. It is not 100% Muslim but about 80%. The language is Arabic

Christianity is the main religion in Cape Verde, Africa.

what was the main religion in north carolina in the 1600s?

Much of North Africa are Muslims, and Southern Africa are Christians. The most common religion is Islam.

No. Islam is not a language; it's a religion. The predominant language in North Africa is Arabic (admittedly in various dialects). There are also a number of Amazigh (Berber) languages used in North Africa. Islam is the predominant religion in North Africa.

The main religion in both North and South America is Christianity.

The religion that took over north Africa, Spain, and the Arabian peninsula, is called Islam.

Confucianism! Everyone knows that...

North Africa and the Middle East, although geographically disparate, may be considered one region because the main language is Arabic and the majority religion is Islam.

North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa

The predominant religion is Islam.

North Africa is heavily dominated by Islam.

Probably Christianity, although North Africa is mainly Muslim.

There are many deserts in Africa but the Sahara (north Africa), the Kalahari (Southern Africa) and the Namib (South West Africa) deserts are the main deserts.

Most peoples in north Africa are unified through a common language and religion (Arabic and Islam)

The main religion was Christianity!!!!!! That was the only religion, if you weren't Christian, you were unnormal and you would be forced to go to church.

Mansa Musa is the first person who brought Islam to Africa

Yes. Islam accounts for over 80% of the population in Southwest Asia and North Africa.

Africa is a large continent in which there are many different religions. The oldest religion, which is native to Africa, is shamanism. The main belief of shamanism is that the world is a mysterious place that is only understood by a shaman.

North Carolina is like all other states in the United States of America .... The main religion on one state is the main religion of ALL 50 states. So that would be Christianity or Protestantism

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