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Q: What is the main verb in the sentence According to the study for boys fractures occurred more often than concussions.?
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What is a sentence with the word occurred?

A full moon has just occurred. That never occurred to me.

How do you put the occurred in a sentence?

i shut my door and the worst occurred i forgot my keys

A sentence using compound in it?

The elements created a compound when they combined. Compound fractures can be especially painful.

How do you use a word occurred in a sentence?

Example sentence - He was confused by the events which occurred as a direct result of his refusal to discipline his children.

What is a sentence including the word periosteal?

Osteosarcoma lameness is either due to periosteal inflammation, microfractures, or pathologic fractures.

Sentence for intersection?

Example sentence - The accident occurred at the intersection when the roads were covered with snow.

How do you use the word occurred in a sentence?

The accident occurred sometime between one and two o'clock yesterday. He was not sure what had occurred while he was gone.

How do you use collisions in a sentence?

Billions of collisions have occurred in our galaxy.

What is a sentence with explosion?

The explosion occurred when he accidentally set off the dynamite.

How do you use ocurred in a sentence?

It hadn't occurred to me until just now.

What is a sumary sentence?

a sentence that tells someone what a book, or play, or anything is about. it mainly talks about the main events that occurred

Can you give me a sentence containing the word OCCURRED?

"A thought occurred inside him, that he should go and watch that cat eat the bark of the tree."