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What is the major river in Oklahoma?


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The state capital of sante fe is New Mexico and the state capital of Oklahoma City is oklamhoma the state flower of New Mexico is yucca and the state flower of oklamhoma is mistlefoe the major river in Oklahoma is Mississippi and the major river in New Mexico is the Red river.

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The biggest river in Oklahoma is the Arkansas river.

Illinois river is 1 river in Oklahoma.

If you are asking about the borderline between Texas and Oklahoma it is called the red river. So technically it's in Oklahoma AND Texas.

Red River, Canadian River, Cimarron River, & Arkansas River.

What is Oklahoma's major's river

your mothers river, and your mothers fathers river

canadian river is the longest river in Oklahoma

There are two major rivers through which water flows out of Oklahoma: 1. The Red River which forms the border between Oklahoma and Texas, and 2. The Arkansas River which is sometimes divided into two major river basins within Oklahoma; the Canadian and the Arkansas. Technically there are also two small rivers that also exit Oklahoma: the Poteau and the Little Rivers, but both join the other major rivers soon after entering Arkansas (the Poteau joins the Arkansas and the Little joins the Red River), so these are often ignored in such discussions.

I only know 2 and it is Lake Eufaulo and Canadian River.

A 7-mile stretch of the North Canadian River known as The Oklahoma River.

The Red River is a major river that flows through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Rolling Fork is a 55 mile-long river in southwest Arkansas.

The Red River.the red river

Because Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma.

major river #1, major river #2, major river #3, major river #4, major river #5, and major river #6

The Spiro Mounds.Turner Falls.The Red River.Lake Texhoma andWheat fields and grain elevators, and perhaps Cattleman's Cafe and the Oklahoma City Stockyards.

The Red River flows east and forms the border between Oklahoma and Texas.

Oklahoma is west of the Mississippi

Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Because Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma.

Poteau River from Arkansas River

The Red River, Arkansas River, and Neosho Rivers are the three biggest rivers in Oklahoma.

The Red River is the major river of the north and The Mekong River is the major river of the south.

the Mississippi river is a major river

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