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What is the male part of the spinach plant?


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Spinach plant's male part is stamen in the flower. Spinach has bisexual flowers.

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spinach is a plant, but we eat the leaves mainly

From the leaves of the plant. Most of the spinach plant can be used but most people pick and eat just the leaves.

Spinach grows from seeds. The part of the plant you eat is the leaves. When the plant flowers the flowers produce seeds to plant and start new plants.

The male part of a plant is called the stamen.

the male part of a plant is called a stamen. remember it by the men part

Pollen is the male part of the plant as it grows down to the egg of the flower which is a female part of the plant. and it it is in the middle also.

The female part of the plant is called the carpel and the male part of the plant is called the stamen.

I think you are asking which part do we eat? I believe that would be the leaf.

the stamen is the male part of the plant, the carpel is the female part :D

The male part in a flowering plant is the stamen. It consists of the anther and filament.

male, if there is a female or male part of a plant... Actually, I really dont know...

Spinach consists of the dark green leaves of the plant Spinacia oleracea.Interestingly, the plant's red berries are poisonous to humans.

Spinach is a plant with many cells.

Is pollen part of the male or female structures of a plant?

Spinach is a long day plant

The pistil is the female part and the stamen is the male part

no, spinach is a vegetable.

Male part of the plant producing pollen is called anther lobe.

The role of male part in a plant is to produce pollens that reach the ovary (the female part) and fertilize the ovum.

It is the female part. The stamen are the male parts.

The Stamen, containing the Anther and Filament is the male part of the plant. The Anther is what produces the pollen.

It is in the male part of the plant and as far as I know is equivalent to the testes in the male ie: it stores the male gametes of the plant.

It is female part of the plant :)

Spinach is a plant. So they do have chloroplasts

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