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What is the malleability of thallium?

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Thallium is extremely soft and malleable. It is so sectile that it can be cut with a knife when at room temperature.

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What is the composition of thallium?

Thallium is an element (Atomic Number 81), so thallium is made out of thallium.

What does thallium smell like?

thallium smell like thallium

What is the Normal phase of thallium?

Thallium is a solid!

Is thallium a non metal?

No. Thallium is a metal.

Is thallium a conductor or insulator?

is thallium a con

Whats the atomic mass of thallium 203 and thallium 205?

the overall atomic mass is 204.37, but for thallium 203 it is 203, and for thallium 205, it is 205.

Is thallium magnetic?

Thallium is a non magnetic metal.

Is thallium liquid?

No. Thallium is, in its standard state, a solid.

Is thallium malleable or brittle?

Thallium is a malleable metal.

How many shells does thallium have?

Thallium has six.electron shells.

What is the malleability of nickel?

what is the malleability of nickel?

Is Thallium a metal nonmetal or a metalloid?

Neither. Thallium is a metal.

How many neutrons does thallium have?

The amount of Neutrons in Thallium are 124.

Where is thallium found?

thallium is not found in the nature of the united states.

How much does thallium weight?

I think thallium weight about 189

Does the element thallium is magnetic?

Thallium is a non magnetic metal.

What is radons malleability?

Radon is a gas, no malleability.

What is the malleability of lawrencium?

The malleability of lawrencium is not known.

What part of speech is malleability?

Malleability is a noun.

Malleability in a sentence?

Your subordinate's malleability is in question.

What is metal thallium occurs naturally as 30 percent thallium-203 and 70 percent thallium-205?


Is thallium radioactive?

None of the thallium ordinarily found in nature is radioactive. Like all elements, there are synthetic radioactive isotopes of thallium.

If thallium has an oxidation number of 1 what is the formula for thallium carbonate?


Is thallium ductile?

Thallium is soft and ductile so yeah it is :D

How many protons does thallium-201 have?

Thallium has 81 protons.