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Q: What is the manufactuer date of a 2503000 model 99 Savage rifle serial 610408?
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What is the manufactuer date of a 250 3000 model 99 Savage rifle serial 610408?

around the 1960 era, google the savage collectors site.

Where do you find the date ot manufacture and potential price for a 2503000 model 99 lever action rifle- serial number 610408?

Try the on line auction sites.

Where to go to find manufactuer gun by serial number?


What is the value of savage 99 in 300 savage serial 514053?

what is the value of a savage 99 rifel serial nunber 514053 300 cal gun

What is the age of a savage 222 model 340d serial 185967?

Contact Savage with the serial number and they will tell you when it was made.

How old is 300 savage with serial 444744?

Your serial number indicates that your Savage model 99 rifle in 300 Savage caliber was made in the year 1947.

How old is my savage 300. serial?

No serial number was provided.

What year was your savage 99 serial 596747?

Your serial number indicates that your Savage model 99 dates from the year 1951.

What is the age and value of a Savage 99E 243?

Savage E99 , serial #516511

When was this gun made savage model 99 serial 15.779?

Your savage model 1899 rifle was made by the savage arms company in 1901 with the serial number 15779 that you provided.

How old is this 300 Savage serial number 573790?

If your 300 savage is a savage model 99? It was produced in 1951.

What is the model of a Savage 250-3000 with serial number 237211?

If your rifle is a lever action?Then it is a model 99 savage and with the serial number you provided it was made by savage arms company in 1921.

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