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made around 1935. Value is decided by condition the gun is in, markings on the gun, and history of the particular gun.

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What type of 22 revolver did Colt manufacture between 1973 and 1976?

Peacemaker .22

What is the difference between a 38 special revolver and aregular revolver?

38 special is only a revolver caliber. that's like saying a 44 magnum revolver or a 500 special revolver. a revolver is a revolver

What is difference between tile and brick?

difference between the manufacture of bricks and manufacture of tiles

What is difference between shotgun and revolver mechanism?

a shotgun is pump action and a revolver "revovles" the ammo.

What is the difference between a pistol and revolver?

A revolver has a rotating chamber that houses the bullets a pistol has a "clip" or "magazine"

Is there a difference between revolver ammo and automatic ammo?

yes................revolver ammo has a rim. Semi-auto cartridges do not.

What is the difference between pistal and revolver?

The difference is that a pistol has a magazine and a revolver has a rotating cylinder that has individual chambers to shoot

What is the difference between a semi auto and a revolver?

Method of operation.

How do you tell the difference between a 32 and a 38 top break revolver?

What years did they make the 38 top break revolver? How can you know how old one is?

Difference between unofficial and non-official?

There really is not much of a difference between unofficial and non-official. They both mean non confirmed and non formal.

What is the date of manufacture for Colt Diamondback revolver serAA01064?

Colt Diamondbacks were produced between 1966 & 1988. Serial numbers started with the letter D between the years 1966-1976. In 1976-1977 started with letter N .In 1978 started with letter R, so my quess is, it must have been produced sometime between 1978 & 1988.

What is the difference between a main official and a minor official?

A minor official is shorter than a main official.

What year was a US Revolver Company 32 caliber 5 shot revolver manufactured with the serial number a61572?

A secondary brand of the Iver Johnson company, your US Revolver Company .32 was probably made between 1915 and 1917.

Difference between Country of manufacture and country of origin?

The country of manufacture is where it was built and the country of origin is where it was designed, if there really is a difference.

What is the value and manufacture date of a Stevens 9400?

If the weapon is Westfield model its manufacture date would be between 1949-1968. The value of the Stevens 9400 is between $900-$1200.

What is manufacture date of a Colt 38 Special Official Police with a serial number beginning with 82?

Anywhere between 1952 & 1953 depending on the rest of the serial numbers.In 1953 the serial numbers started with 825300.

How do you open a Viking 67-S .22 Cal. Revolver?

If your revolver is an Iver Johnson Viking, it is a top break revolver. Holding the revolver in your right hand (finger OFF the trigger) use thumb and forefinger of left hand to grasp barrel latch (between back of cylinder and hammer) lift the latch, and revolver breaks open. If this does not work, take it to a gunsmith.

What is the difference between a stock journal and manufacture journal?


Difference between a 38 revolver and a 38 special?

It depends on what you mean. A .38 revolver may be a .38 special, but there are other types of .38 besides just the special round.

What is a model 66-2 smith and Wesson 357 magnum stainless steal revolver?

A K frame, stainless steel revolver made between 1982 and 1986.

What is the difference between a colt police positive and a colt pocket positive revolver?


What is the age and value of a stainless Smith and Wesson model 66 revolver serial AKAxxxx with a 2 barrel?

Your Smith and Wesson revolver was made in the year 1985.The value will be between 375-600 dollars depending on overall condition of your revolver and a good bore.

What is the date of manufacture and value of an H and R 949 Forty niner revolver serial AA 13122?

"AA" prefix indicates 1964 Value depends upon condition and will vary between $50 for fair to around $275 in excellent condition. Add $35-45 for box and papers.

What is a sw model 65-3 3inch barrel revolver worth?

The value will range between 150-350 dollars depending on overall condition of your Smith and Wesson revolver.

What is the difference between Single vs Double action revolver?

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