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1926 The first course of action to discern the value of a gun is to identify the make, model, manufacturing date, and variation. The book "Iver-Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Firearms 1871-1993" by W. Goforth may help accomplish this. Then it's a simple matter of looking your gun up in one of the many firearm value books, such as the Blue Book of Gun Values, or the Standard Catalog of Firearms.

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Q: What is the manufacture date of an Iver Johnson 38 SW safety hammer revolver sn h 70781?
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What is the manufacture date of an Iver Johnson 38 SW safety hammer revolver sn D 5762?


When was the Viking 67-S 32 Cal SW pistol manufactured?

A short-barreled version of the Safety Hammerless revolver manufactured from 1968 to 1975. The Safety HAMMER Revolver.

Testing a safety on a SW single action revolver?

The only "safety" is you. You can test for "push off" by cocking the revolver and attempting to "push" the hammer forward with your thumb. This will let you know if there is unacceptable part wear.

What is the value of a 1898 Iver Johnson 32 cal 5 shot top load second model with serial number starting with an E small frme safety hammer?

I am afraid that you Iver Johnson revolver is not worth is valued at 50-100 dollars depending on condition.

Where to get info on 32cal vest pocket 5shot revolver with safety hammer patented April 5 1887?

BLue Book of Gun Values

Is there a safety on the 733 revolver?

The user is the safety.

American bulldog 32cal vest pocket 5shot revolver with safety hammer patented April 5 1887?

10-100 USD or so

Where is the safety on a rhom 22 revolver?

It's your control of your trigger finger. There is no safety device on a Rohm revolver.

What is a Iver Johnson's arms and cycle works safety hammer automatic double- action revolver with break down barrel and owel grips last patdec 26 93 s 73855 32 sw cartridge nickel worth.?

25-75 USD or so

What is the value of a 38 smith and Wesson revolver made around 1885 with an internal hammer butt safety latch and breaks to open with pearl grips?

20-200 usd

Do a revolver have a mechanical safety?


What is the production date of an Iver Johnson revolver serial 86580?

32 caliber Safety Automatic revolver (serial number 463344). (McKinley succumbed to these wounds nearly eight days later, at 2:15 am on the 14th of ...

What is the value of 1897 Iver Johnson hand gun?

This was probably either a Safety Hammer Model or Safety Hammerless Model made from 1892 to 1950. In the 2004 Blue Book the Hammerless was worth $60 in 60% condition and $125 in 100% condition and the Safety Hammer model was worth $40 and $100 respectively.

Want to know value of 1887 revolver with no hammer and safety on trigger?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings, caliber, finish, condition, box, accessories, etc..

Which handguns might be fitted with a mechanical safety?

Double action revolver

When was Robert Johnson - safety - born?

Robert Johnson - safety - was born on 1987-02-13.

Is there a safety lock on a colt detective 38 special revolver?


Can you get the age of an aver Johnson pistol serial number C75082 it is a center fire holds 5 bullets and has an owl on the grip?

It's a "Safety Automatic" revolver, but would need to know the exact markings including patent dates to determine which model and year of manufacture. The C prefix was used for several years and the numbers duplicated with Second Models and Third Models.

What can you tell you about Hopkins and Allen safety police revolver?

modelo 1911

What is a 32 caliber safety patrol revolver worth?


What is the name of the safety feature that blocks the movement of the trigger preventing disengagement of the sear surfaces between the trigger and the hammer thus preventing the weapon from firing?

hammer safety block

What are some safety rules when using a hammer?

Watch your fingers, and dont have your face and the hammer in a direct line. Don't use a 1 lb. hammer for a 10 lb. job.(claw hammer as opposed to sledge hammer)

How do you uncock a revolver?

If you have no idea what you are doing find someone else who does. First, point the gun in a safe direction. Make sure it is not pointed at any body part of yours or anyone else. Ground is best. If there is enough room between hammer and the frame place a finger of your off hand on the hammer (NOT on the frame, a falling hammer might hurt and an older one with a firing pin on it will draw blood). Hold the hammer with your thumb and pull the trigger, then let the hammer down slowly. Be careful, on some older revolvers there is no safety mechanism that prevents a shot when the trigger is not all the way back and a falling hammer will make it fire. Don't decock a revolver when your fingers are wet or greasy.

What is the value of a HopkinsAllen Safety Police revolver?

Seldom exceed 100 USD

What is the age and value of a Secret Service Special revolver?

Most likely made in the late 1890's-early 1900's time frame. Iver Johnson made one with a manual safety on the frame. Meridian and Harrington & Richardson made them without the manual safety. The H&R has a hammer mounted firing pin. The Meridian has a frame mounted firing pin. Spain and Belgium also made them. Value seldon exceeds the 50-100 range.