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Tighten the valve cover retaining bolts in sequence, torque them to 71-106 inch lbs. (8-12 Nm).

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How do you install cylinder head bolts on a 1996 Saturn?

What are the torque specifications and the tightening sequence of the cylinder head bolts on a 1996 Saturn SL1?

What torque setting would you use when tightening transmission bolts on a 94 Buick Regal?


Tightening torque list for 10.9 grade bolts?

310Nm (230ft/lbs) Dry Zinc Plated

What is the torque and tightening sequence for the valve cover gasket for a 1992 for tempo 4 cylinder?

Torque for valve cover bolts is 7 to 10 ft. Lbs . Tighten the bolts in a criss-cross pattern .

Tightening order for main bering bolts on 350 chev?

no special order, torque is 70 ft. lbs.

What is the tightening pattern and torque for head bolts on a 2000 jeep 4.0?

Work from center out alternating, snug up, torque to 55in pounds or 4.55 ftlbs.

What is the pattern for tightening the head bolts and how tight do you torque them for a 2001 cavalier 2.2 motor?

Go to Autozone or a NAPA parts store and buy a Haynes Manual for the vehicle. It will tell you all of the torque specs you need and the tightening pattern.

What do you use torque wrench for?

You use a torque wrench for tightening bolts to an exact pressure. This is particularly important in things where many bolts must all be the same tightness, such as cylinder heads in engines, and parts of transmissions.

What is the torque on oil pan bolts on 2001 Chrysler town and country?

The torque specs for the oil pan bolts are 105 inch lbs. Tighten all of the pan bolts snug to make sure everything lines up before tightening all of the bolts to spec.

Do you need to use a torque wrench to loosen retractor seatbelt bolt on vw caravelle?

You don't use a torque wrench to loosen ANYTHING. -It is only for tightening nuts and bolts to the correct torque.

Torque settings and tightening sequence for head bolts mg zr 160?

20nm +180 degree +180 degree

Where can you get the head torque on the bolts you also need the the order to of tightening the bolts and the rocker arm torque 89 Chevy Celebrity 2.8?

Look in either the factory service manual, a Chilton manual or a Haynes manual. They have the information that you seek.

What are the torque settingsand tightening sequence for the cylinder head bolts on a Kia Sedona 2.9? the cylinder head bolts on a kia sedona 2.9?"

Cylinder head bolts torque Suzuki maruti 800cc?

maruti 800 2002 tightening torques of cylinder head

What is the torque and tightening pattern when using old bolts to replace the head gasket on a 1989 Chevy S-10 2.5?

You cannot use the old bolts to retorque the heads. They are torqure to yield bolts. You must get new bolts.

What is the bolt pattern on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

which one? The head bolts? Engine to transaxle? And, are you really asking what the tightening sequence and/or torque rating is?

What is the torque spec for 1995 dodge spirit cylinder head bolts and what is the sequence of bolt tightening?

45,65,65 ft lbs then 90 degrees.

What are the torque settings and tightening sequence for the rocker box bolts on a Harley Davidson shovelhead engine.?

The rocker box bolt torque specifications, on your Harley-Davidson, is 15 pounds per square inch. The bolts should be torqued in five pound intervals.

What are the torque setting for ford puma head bolts?

Tightening torques are: Stage 1 - 15Nm Stage 2 - 30Nm Stage 3 - 90Degrees

What is the torque sequence for a 1974 nova's flex plate?

Just criss-cross on the bolts and don't tighten them all in sequence, just like tightening lug nuts on a wheel.

What is the head bolt torque and tightening pattern for an 1989 Pontiac Sunbird 4 cylinder?

This is the order for the bolts. I do not know the torque. Assuming that the graph is a top view of the head bolts. --8--4--1--5--9-- --7--3--2--6--10--

What are the cyl. head bolt torque specs for a KIA 1.8 L 2000?

Hello: Install cylinder head bolts. Tighten cylinder head bolts according to following procedure: Tighten cylinder head bolts in order shown, Can not show diagram for this. Tightening torque : 36.1 lb-ft (49N

What is the torque for the headbolts on a 1.6 liter motor on a 1989 Nissan Sentra 4-cylinder?

I have a 1.6 L motor, it was; torque to 21, then torque to between 51 and 54 lbs. completely loosen bolts then repeat tightening pattern above.

What are the torque specifications for the head bolts on a 92 Chevy s10 2.2 L?

For the 1992 Chevy S-10, 2.2 liter, first tighten the cylinder head bolts to 40-47 ft. lbs. If you're using new bolts finishing tightening them to 54-61 ft. lbs. If you're using the original bolts, finish tightening them to 61-69 ft. lbs.

What is the torque on Rod Bolts on a 2001 4.7 dodge?

Warning! These are "torque to yield" bolts. Once installed and torqued to spec they yield, or stretch. The bolts, once loosened, cannot be reused. They MUST be replaced with new or they WILL fail. Once you have new bolts, the tightening sequence is 20 ft/lbs, then tighten an additional 90 degrees (exactly one quarter turn).

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